Big winners in slots to start the New Year

A big win on an online slots game will always come as great news for the lucky recipient. However, it certainly proves to be a good deal when you can hit the jackpot in January, as a great start to the New Year.

This is exactly what happened for four lucky winners who decided to try their luck at the Prime Slots casino last month.

A great return on just $15

Two of the four winners gained huge amounts in return for a deposit of just $15 each. The first, named as Hans Erik from Norway, won a massive $29, 341 in return. Meanwhile over in the Netherlands, a player named Neil deposited the same amount and walked away with winnings of $12,160.

$34 goes a long way too

There were another two lucky winners on this same site in January as well. These two winners - Jorg from Germany and a player known as 'blubber', who comes from the same country - deposited $34 each and also had an excellent return on their cash. Jorg won $17,599 while 'blubber' won an impressive $17,022 with the same deposit.

The great thing about all these big wins was the good timing. Plenty of people play casino games online all year round, but there is no doubt that a big win like this to start the year will have been well received by all these lucky winners.

It's always good when online casinos publicize these huge wins because it bodes well for other players. Of course we cannot all hope for wins this big, but if you happen to be lucky enough to clear a win of this size just imagine what you could do with it.

We are always on the lookout for news of big wins like these, as it helps to know who is winning and which sites are proving to be good news for the players. The vice president of Prime Slots, Aviv Sher, pointed out that these big wins show "people can really win big online."

Maybe one of the next players to do so will be you. Prime Slots may not be your chosen site for playing online slots and casino games, but there are big winners on all these sites on a regular basis. Who is to say the next big winner couldn't be you? You never know.