New WinaDay Casino Looking Good

Most people that play online slots will tell you that WinADay online casino is the most innovative casino around. They offer the most original online slots. WinADay has a new stylish redesign which is quite suitable and truly one of a kind. With the new look comes a bunch of newly designed slots. Michael Hilary, Casino manager says, “One of the reasons we re-designed the site was to accommodate our new Penny Slots, now that the rest of the instant casino site has been upgraded we’ll add those very soon. Until then we’ll keep the details a surprise but I think the caption on the button gives you a pretty good idea!” “We’ve made some big technical changes that a lot of people might not notice right away,” explained Hilary. “The web has changed a lot since we had our last makeover. Our new site uses the latest web technology to run smoother and faster.” WinADay has been live since 2007 and is known by the industry as the first 3D online casino. They have become more advanced and to enhanced overall user experiences. Hillary also said, “We have an extraordinary design team. Their graphics and animation have gotten more and more amazing over the years. But I think the biggest change I’ve noticed in the games themselves is that the bonus games that are built into the newer games are getting quite elaborate. They’re fantastic games on their own and they can really add to your winnings!” Some of the newer games that are being introduced at WinADay include including Wild Alaska the Arctic wildlife game with free spins and win multipliers that launched in December and Gladiator Games whose animated, interactive bonus round has captivated players since it arrived. In all, there are 35 new games. WinADay offers a unique entertainment experience. WinADay is offering the most unique slots available in the industry.