Penny Slots

When you think of online slots you probably think of big stakes and big jackpots. But it doesn’t have to be like this. There are plenty of slot games around that are known as penny slots, and for one very good reason. You can start playing for just a penny a spin. Does this sound like the kind of game you would like to download and play now?

Do you feel nervous about placing higher bets on slot games?

If you do, it could be that penny slots are a safer bet for you. Some people love the excitement and thrill of placing large bets, but this doesn’t appeal to all of us.

Pay attention to how you feel when you consider placing various sizes of bet on a slots game. This will give you the answer you need. Don’t wager any more money per go than you feel comfortable with.

Any budget you have will last longer

Let’s say you have a ten dollar budget to start playing slots with. If you choose a slots game that allows you to bet five dollars per spin, you’d better hope you win something fast otherwise you will have to quit playing!

Now imagine that same budget taken to a penny slots game. You’ll be able to look forward to playing lots of spins on the game because that same ten dollars will go a lot further.

For some people playing the game is the most important thing. Penny slots can help you keep your wagers down and still give you all the enjoyment you want and need from a great slots game.

You can still be in with a chance of some nice cash prizes

It all depends on the game of course, but even penny slots can leave you walking away with some nice cash in your pocket.

It is important to remember that the lower your initial bet is, the lower the potential prizes will be if you win. For instance the top jackpot in any slots game requires you to have placed the maximum bet on the winning line or combination.

But with that said, you can still enjoy some good winnings when you play penny slots. If you love them, you won’t need any more convincing than that! If you have never tried penny slots before, why not try them now?

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