Big Foot Slots

A Sasquatch of a Game

Wager's Gaming Technology former Vegas Technology Big Foot slot game is, like its namesake, a big hairy giant of a game. It offers players lots of serious game-play action in a setting of silly and fun images. It is a basic and very simple style of slot game with no video-game bonus rounds, but it is a solid entry for players who like traditionally styled five-reel games. Download and start playing Big Foot Slots now!

Observing the Big Foot

Big Foot has an over-all cartoonish look. It is well rendered and easy on the eyes. When players log on to the game they are greeted by a cartoon version of a pastoral forest scene, complete with small animals and the sun rising over the distant mountains. The game logo is at the top in letters that look like those that might identify a wilderness camp, made of rough wood sticks. Game controls are across the bottom, and, in typical Vegas Tech style, they are set up to be completely intuitive.

The sounds of Big Foot, sad to say, are very limited. With the very minor exception of the animated symbols, it has no special sounds or music - just the mechanical machine noises. What is particularly surprising about this is that the machine sounds are not even up to the normal Vegas Tech standard. We are hoping that they will improve this in the future, but for now, it is the only weak point of an otherwise great game.

Big Symbols

Big Foot uses the images of the legendary Big Foot of the Pacific Northwest and the researchers that hunt it. The high end symbols include Big Foot Crossing Signs, Campfires, a River and a Researcher. The low end symbols are covered by card indices ranging from 9 through A.

In addition to the normal combination symbols there is a Scatter and a Wildcard. The Scatter is an animated Big Foot Footprint, and the Wildcard is Big Foot himself! The Footprint, when it comes into play, features a giant foot coming down into the mud, and then moving on, leaving only the huge, muddy footprint in its wake. The Big Foot wildcard is an image of the lumbering Big Foot taking a stroll through the forest.

Big Play

Big Foot is a traditional five-reel, 25 payline game. It has a free spin round awarded when three or more Footprint symbols come up anywhere in the play field, but no side game. The good news is that free spins are common in this one, and they may be won during free-spin rounds, making the winnings multiply quickly.

The Big Foot symbol acts as a wildcard and as a multiplier, making it possible to get as much as 20x the normal winnings.

As is typical on modern slot games, coin values may be established by the player to denominations ranging from 1¢ up to $10. With 25 lines to bet on, the maximum bet may range as high as $250 per spin, making Big Foot appropriate for serious high-rolling players who can manage a high level of risk. On the low end, on the other hand, maximum bets of 25¢ are quite manageable for most players, making it possible for the most casual of player to maximize his or her odds.

Big Winnings

Appropriate to a high-rolling game like Big Foot, the jackpot is a generous 5000 coins, or, if playing at the $10 coin level, $50,000. The same jackpot if playing at the penny level is a still generous $500. Whatever the level of play, Big Foot is a resource for big money.

Hunt the Big Foot Tonight!

Big Foot is a strong entry in the online slot game world. It is very simple, and, for players who like their slot games to be just that - slot games - it is a solid entry. It does not offer complex bonus rounds, but it has a great deal going for it in the basic slot game range.

We recommend that you settle into your favorite gaming chair and hunt the Big Foot tonight! It is a great way to have a couple of hours of great gaming fun and maybe win big - Big Foot, that is!