Play WGS Slots Exclusive to Lincoln Casino

Everyone has their favorite slots games to play, but sometimes it’s good to mix things up a bit and try something new. That’s why we’re reviewing the Lincoln Casino, because we’ve discovered it is powered by none other than WGS Technology. There are some superb games to play here and some of them are exclusive to this casino, so check it out today.

What are exclusive games?

These games are basically ones that you can only play at one particular casino. In the case of the Lincoln Casino it is superbly easy to find them.

On the home page of the site you will spot some tabs revealing how to get started and more about the welcome bonus. Alongside these is a tab for exclusive games. You can click on this to find out more.

What kinds of games can you play here?

The exclusives include such titles as Agent Cash and Cleopatra’s Pyramid, but there are others as well. We don’t want to spoil all the surprises so why not check out the games you can play by visiting the site now?

Is this a great website to visit in terms of other slots games too?

Yes – Lincoln Casino is very well-designed and has an impressive list of slots games to consider. For starters you’ll have a variety of games that offer the classic 3-reel slots experience. Some of these have bonuses built in too, so watch out for those.

Aside from these you have the more traditional slots games, plus those with 5 reels in play instead of three. With a small selection of progressive slots to try as well as 7-reel slots (well worth a look!) you can see you won’t get bored playing slots games at Lincoln Casino.

What’s the appeal of exclusive games?

Sometimes you might visit several online casinos and see many of the same slots games at all of them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives you the option to choose your favorite casino to play at, while also getting the games you love most.

However some variety is also a good thing and that means it is worth watching out for exclusive games. Every now and then you might just fancy playing something different, and if you do Lincoln Casino might be able to help you out. Why not check out the options today?