X-Men Slots

Three bonus jackpots, the X-Men aim to please

Cryptologic has done it again, yet another game in the timeless Marvel Comics' series. The X-men is a progressive slot with not one but 3 progressive jackpots, the newest craze in hitting the big time.

The Marvel Jackpot - This jackpot resets itself to $5000 and on average it gets won just over the $10 000 mark. The highest it has ever gone is just over $25 000. This can be likened to a maxi jackpot.

The Super Hero Jackpot - your middle of the range jackpot starts off at $500 and wins on this one average at just over twice that. The most the super hero jackpot ever paid was almost $4000.

The Hero Jackpot - this is the mini jackpot for mediocre powers with a minimum payout of $50 it has an average payout in the $100 range and has paid out just under $450.

Besides these three jackpots there is a fixed max payout of 7500 coins. The X-Men has the tell tale 5 reels and brilliant graphics of a video slot but interestingly enough only 9 paylines. Not only is this less confusing but it can also be used to your advantage. Download and play X-Men Slots now.

The trick is to keep playing, there are too many jackpots!

The 3 jackpots are paid out randomly, so there is no winning combinations, no special symbols to look out for, just keep playing. The jackpots pay out every couple of hours and the payout is dependent on your bet size, so the bigger the bet, the bigger the payout. Despite the average payout, remember that there is no such thing as the perfect average.

The idea with this game is to play for long stretches of time so keep your bets low while all paylines activated. There is a maximum of one coin per payline so vary your bet by adjusting your coin size. This way your money goes over a larger amount of spins increasing the chances of hitting the big time. At a minimum coin size of 5c, for 45c a spin you can really give yourself a good go at the jackpot!

As your balance increases, increase your bet. Your wins will pile up quicker and losses won't knock you out of the running.

The X-Men team and how much each pays

Xavier, our favorite, is our wild and we can associate him as wild in many other ways too. Just 5 of these wilds will pay out the fixed jackpot of 7500 coins. Convert that into dollars and you are looking at a minimum of $375 on the lowest coin size and a maximum of $37 500.

The red and black circular X-Men logo embossed with Xavier Institute at the top is the scatter symbol. The scatters need to appear from left to right and with 3 or more you will find yourself in the bonus round.

Other symbols include Magneto, the top paying symbol followed not so closely by Wolverine then Gambit Storm and Cyclops.

Fine tune your senses and prepare for a great win

Once you are rewarded with your interactive bonus round the real fun begins. Now it is time to use your own super senses to anticipate which villain will appear in each of the four problem zones on your screen. Place an appropriate X-Man into each of the zone and watch the battle play itself out. The better your guess, the bigger your win.

No villain too big or small the X-Men will defeat them all

With a splash of arcade style combined with skillful slot playing this game is a real ace. It is rewarding and entertaining. Now is the time to download the casino software and open an account while the jackpots continue to burst.