Mah Jong Madness Slots

Love to play Mah Jong but don't how to play it, experience playing Mah Jong the simpler way through the Mah Jong Madness slots by WGT former Vegas Technology. This five-reel 21-payline slot machine has a theme of the known traditional chinese game Mah Jong, and is packed with Mah Jong related icons like the Green Dragon, Red Dragon, Five Circles, Four Bamboos, Character Three, Orchid, and Spring. Players can bet starting in as low as $.01 to $10 per coins and can maxbet up to 21 coins. If you are one of those who are familiar with Mah Jong but do not know how to play it, then it will never be a problem anymore because the Mah Jong Madness Slots is now here to make you feel like playing the Mah Jong, which is available in casinos powered by WGT. Their free to download gaming software made it even easier to play Mah Jong Madness Slots. However, if a player would not want to download any software, the flash version is also available for them.

Mah Jong Madness Slots information
  • Number of Reels - 5
  • Pay Lines - 20
  • Maximum Jackpot prize - 2500 coins; second jackpot - 1,000 coins; third jackpot - 500 coins
  • Coin Denomination - $0.01 - $10
  • Maximum Bet - 21 coins
  • Bonus Games - Yes
  • Casinos to play - Liberty Slots Casino

Mah Jong Madness Slots Symbols and Jackpot Prizes

Unlike the most five-reel online slot game, the Mah Jong Madness Slots is less complicated when it comes to winning prizes. Powerful symbols including the wild, scatter, multiplier, and bonus symbol is not part of this wonderful slot game, meaning, all the players must do is to bet the maximum and spin their way to the Jackpot that is up to 2,500 coins. Winning the jackpot prizes in Mah Jong Madness Slots is easy. Just get lucky enough to have the Green Dragon icon appears five times from any of the paylines, and the chance to win the highest Jackpot prize of 2,500 coins. The second highest jackpot prize will be awarded to the lucky player who has able to let the Red Dragon icon appear five times from any of the paylines. If this will happen, prizes amounting to 1,000 coins will be awarded. Another jackpot prize or the third highest jackpot prize of Mah Jong Madness Slots is awarded to a player that let the five stone or the five circles icon appear five times from any of the paylines. The moment this icon appears five times, a jackpot prize of 500 coins is awarded. Icons other than the three mentioned above, which are considered as the highest paying icon, award between 15 to 250 coins if they happen to appear five times from any of the paylines.

Mah Jong Madness Slots Paylines

With the 21 paylines it has, Mah Jong Madness Slots' paylines comes in different formation. Aside from the typical horizontal, center, upper, and lower payline for paylines 1 to 3, Mah Jong Madness Slots also has the V-shaped, inverted V-shaped, W-shaped, inverted W-shaped,, straight line, step-shaped, ladder step, and bowl shape for the rest of the paylines.

Casinos with Mah Jong Madness Slots

Mah Jong Madness Slots can be easily played in many of the Wager Gaming Technology Casinos. These casinos are kind enough to welcome players from the United States, and for their comfort, they also offer numerous banking option for their comfort and safety.

These nice and kind casinos of Mah Jong Madness also have generous bonuses and promotions. The moment players make their initial deposit, they can immediately receive their welcome bonus, which is a percentage or sometimes equivalent to the amount of their deposit. Some of the casinos also sponsored a slot tournament just to let their players have fun and win big prizes at the same time.

Get the chance of playing the traditional Chinese game Mah Jong in a simpler way and download the Mah Jong Madness Slots now.