Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer Slots

Microgaming, well known for their innovations on the multi-player front, has introduced a multi-player version of the popular slot game Wheel of wealth. This game is centered on a TV game show theme where contestants get to spin a life size wheel with flashing lights divided into segments. Each segment has a dollar value on it much the same as the slot game bonus round. When the wheel stops, the stationary arrow points to a segment and the dollar value is the contestants prize. In the television show there are multiple contestants so why not bring this element into the slot! And this is exactly what they have done.

There are two ways that make this game interactive on a more social level. The first is the chat feature where all players in the game are able to chat to each other. Since each individual game is not affected by another you can still play independently, chat to your fellow contestants and view all of their results! It starts when you are seated around a virtual wheel in one of 6 available seats. If you ready to start, download online casino and start playing Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer Slots. If not, keep reading our review, and believe, this game will not disappoint you...

How does the multi-player affect my wins?

The slot game itself is played by individuals. Your wins are completely independent of the other players in the 'room'. The seating arrangement is completely random so there are no tips to put you in the lucky chair. Betting a low coin size in this game is a great way to start to help you to get far enough to collect some multipliers for later on in the game. As your balance increases slowly increase your coin size and the coins per line. You can bet as many as 250 coins altogether at a total of 50c each.

The reason for increasing your bet size is because the multipliers which come into effect later on multiply your bet amount and pay you out as much as 200 times what you put in. So at $125 a spin by 200 you are looking at $25 000! The more coins you bet per payline the higher the bonus multiplier. So while you may not be able to play max bet right in the beginning you can sure work your way up to it.

How to work out your payout

The Wheel of Wealth slot is a slot. So there are 5 reels and 25 paylines. The wild symbol is the game's logo. This is your jack of all trades and is probably the most valuable on the reels also because 5 wilds pays out the jackpot! The only symbol it doesn't stand in for is the scatter. In this game the scatter is represented by the gold coin. The scatter works to pay you out a multiplication of your bet and is not dependent on a combination of symbols, nor is it not based on a winning amount. It can pay you out as much as 200 times what you bet.

The most anticipated symbol in this game is the bonus wheel symbol. Now it is your chance to spin the wheel of wealth of reveal our fortune! Other symbols include some fruits, wads of cash and a big diamond.

Spin the wheel of wealth - how do your winnings compare?

The bonus feature is completely random and affects all players who have collected scatters during previous spins. You are presented with the bonus wheel and your seat is marked with an arrow and labeled. Your fellow contestants also have their own arrow. The wheel spins and when it stops each arrow lands on a winning amount which is paid out to each contestant. The amount of scatters dictates your win so the longer you play the more your win is multiplied by.

This game has no bust segments, each and every segment pays out and every qualified player is guaranteed to win a great prize!

Multi-player slots - the way forward

This game can be played with a group of friends or a bunch of slot player enthusiasts from around the world; however you choose to play, play today and spin your way to some huge payouts.