Mega Money Multiplier Slots

Mega Money Multiplier Slots
A traditional beauty is precisely what Mega Money Multiplier is, plain and just put. The three great reels along with only nine pay lines make for happy wagering. As pure as the fallen white snow, virginal and with uncontested beauty. There is beauty in simplicity, especially if it leads to victory at the slots.

Mega Money Wagering

The game is in fact, a high volatility slot, the gameplay is uncluttered, with minimal distractions to the actual gameplay and gambling action. The features that are prevalent add considerable value to the game flow. The dark red game background is reminiscent of a casino card table, and it lends an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue.

Retro Feel

Playing Mega Millions Multiplier is like a trip back in time to when a slot was simplicity itself. Just the basic symbols and the spinning of the reels; that is what slot gambling was originally all about. That is not to say today’s technology and innovations are not present in the game, as they are. The graphics and game flow is supremely efficient and expectedly retro at the same time.

Wagering Options

Mega Money Multiplier offers a wide range of betting options based on the 3-reels and nine pay lines. The betting limits can be regulated manually from 0.15 credits per bet, up to 150 credits, so there is an excellent choice which will please high rollers and keep novices happy at the same time. To set your credit bets, use the command button, and you have the option of AutoPlay; which sets the betting for a pre-ordained number of spins.

Reflections of the Past

The game symbols used on Mega Money Multiplier are suitably retro and fit the game like a glove. You will find classic slot symbols such as; purple, and red Sevens, single Bar, double Bar and triple Bar symbols can all appear on the pay lines. The Sevens appear in different colours including blue, purple, and red. The Bars, on the other hand, appear in purple, green, orange, and blue. You will also find rather obvious looking, yet sturdy Multiplier symbols with the amounts; 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x printed upon them. These Multiplier symbols are essentially Wilds. There are four Wilds which can appear on the inner reels randomly. You can win up to 10x your bet, and if you manage to land two Wild Multipliers on the inner reels, you will trigger the Free Spins.

Pedigree & Innovation

Back in 1994, the first online slot was invented by the same game developers like this one. Little has changed, and the excitement is as much today as it was back then. Having created the very first video slot as well as this one, then The primary rewards in the game are not exceptional, but Mega Money Multiplier has some fascinating, unique features and original gage functions. Four Wild symbols providing great Multipliers adds a lot of palpable action to the game.

The Bonus

It is rare indeed for a classic slot to have offered a bonus back then. That is the only difference between the slots of old and Mega Money Multiplier. The multiplier symbols are your free ticket to the Bonus Game. The inner, second reel can nudge and transform into a multiplier. As this happens, the first and third reels continue to spin, at no extra cost, which can inevitably lead to massive wins. If the triple symbols occur to land on the middle reel, you stand the chance of getting, even more, multipliers on the first and third reels. Great wins can be expected of this happens. Although there is no Free Spins round as such, there is the possibility that the Mega Free Spins can be triggered.

Style & Background

When you factor in the style and quality of graphics, Mega Millions Multiplier offers excellent gambling action with multiple chances to win, and win big. The game offers something that is missing from many other slots; a heart of gold! It pays outright, and its intentions are as good as gold; no interruptions, just hot casino action. Enjoy a simple and rewarding, traditional slot with a decidedly retro feel. The payout indeed isn’t retro though! With a crystal clear layout, the reels shine out of the screen, and the mellow background is conducive to enjoyable wagering. The paytable is displayed beneath the reels, so one always knows exactly how things stand, at any moment in time. Trying out this engaging slot will take you back in time, and bring the good times to the present. Let the good times roll.