Star Fruit Slots

Star Fruit Slots
Star Fruit is a basic slot machine that’s designed to look simple but to still offer players some decent features. The whole slot game is very clean looking with a range of fruit types that appear on the reels. From the moment that you get started with the slot game you’ll have plenty of prizes to hope for and you could end up winning big. We did a full review of Star Fruit to see what it has to offer and we were pretty impressed overall for such as simple looking slot game.


Wagering is simple when playing Star Fruit. You can wager a high amount of money, a low amount or an amount in between depending on how much you have available to spend. If you are hoping to win big you should bet as close as you can to the maximum wager amount of $100.00. If you’re hoping to preserve a smaller bankroll you can go with a smaller wager that’s closer to the minimum of $0.01 per spin.

Wild Re-Spin

The double star wild symbol appears on the middle three reels of the slot game and will sub in for all the other symbols of the game. This symbol not only helps complete prize payouts by taking the place of different symbols on the reels, it also gives you another chance to win some good prizes as well. The symbol will lock the reel in position after it shows up for a re-spin. That means you get two chances to win some nice prizes with the wild out in position for both of them.

Random Jackpots

There are four different progressive jackpots in Star Fruit that you can unlock as you play through round after round, but these jackpots have much more conservative payouts than what most other slot machines offer. You’ll often win less than $100 on one of the payouts from the bronze, silver, gold or platinum options, and they are only separated by small amounts of money rather than the massive differences that some progressive jackpots have between one and another.

The Gamble Feature

One of the few features that Star Fruit has available to it is the Gamble feature. This feature makes it possible to try and double up prizes that you win from the slot game. To do this you simply select gamble after winning money and then you have a chance to win additional money if you manage to make the right selection. To win you must choose the right card suit and you’re awarded a specific amount of money for your selection. It’s possible to gamble with a win a series of five times to transform smaller wins into truly stunning amounts of money with enough luck and courage to keep risking your win.

Win Big

It’s possible to win as much as 100,000 from Star Fruit with five of the Triple 7 symbols out on the reels at the same time. There are plenty of other high paying win opportunities as well. The other high payouts are worth as much as 50,000 coins, 20,000 coins or 15,000 coins, so keep spinning the reels and hoping for the huge wins to turn up.

No matter what sort of gambler you are, there is a lot to like about Star Fruit. The slot game is exciting, it packs in plenty of cool features, it looks pretty nice for a slot based around fruit and it will keep you hoping for big wins every single time that you play.