777 Deluxe Slots

Before video slots were invented, thrill-seekers used to play good old fruit machines. They could be found anywhere from local bars and pubs to dedicated land casinos. Remember the cherries, lemons and oranges which determined wins back in those days? For a satisfying fruit machine experience in video slot format, why not try out the best online slot game if it’s sort, 777 Deluxe. The game realistically recreates the classic slot icons in 3D graphics. There are more ways to win than the vintage slot machines provided back in the day. In fact, 777 Deluxe has a standard 5-reel set up with 10 pay lines for wagering purposes.

Classic Game Symbols

777 Deluxe uses all the iconic game symbols that include the 777 logo, a Bar, a Bell, a Bonus symbol, Cherries, a Gold 777, a bunch of Grapes, a Lucky Horseshoe, a bitter Lemon, an Orange, a mysterious Question Mark, and a Watermelon. Unlike most other online slot games, 777 Deluxe permits possible line matches with icons from the left to right, as well as from the right to left, essentially paying both ways. This dramatically increases the chances of a triple winning payout. The symbols add colour and vivid animations to the mix and contribute much of the fun to be found in the game. Watching them land on the reels, especially if a winning combination turns up, is an unmissable experience and lots of fun. The game is a humorous and entertaining casino slot with all the magic of traditional slot machines. The features really stand out and the game has loads of them. There are bonuses and multipliers, high-paying jackpots and high payouts, the game provides a rare and beautiful slot experience which players will adore!

Question Mark (?) Bonus Symbol

Another entertaining twist to the game is the mystery symbol. As players spin the reels, they will notice question marks (?) appearing in place of standard game icons. These bonus symbols can take the form of any game symbol, thereby creating many pleasant surprises with every spin of the reels. The wonders do not end there, they continue to pop up as the game is explored more. Land three of the bonus symbols anywhere upon the reels transform them into Bonus icons as well. The bonus round starts up and takes players to a second screen. There they are presented with three icons, and each one has its own reel. All the symbols are colour-coded 7s, and there are eight colour combinations. Right below the reels, there is a legend and explanation of every possible combination and its multiplying power.

777 Jackpot

777 Deluxe is loaded with great features, and the jackpot is at the top of the heap. Three Gold 7s will trigger the high-paying progressive jackpot the game offers. The jackpot adds excitement and multiple chances to win it. Players will need to bet on all the pay lines in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. The pot is continually replenished as players continue to play the game and it can rise to astronomical levels. Once it is won, it resets to a base amount and immediately starts increasing again to reach impressive amounts. The jackpot is the best chance of winning a hefty payout, and the anticipation and excitement it creates are immeasurable.

Wagering on 777 Deluxe

777 offers a fluid and varied choice of betting options. Since there are 10 pay lines, the coins are placed there to make a wager. The values of the clubs start grown as low as $0.02. The values in between include $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.40, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, and rising to a maximum coin value of $10.00. The maximum bet is $100 per spin, and a maximum of one coin is permitted per pay line. The minimum bet is $2. The slot game is well suited to players with varying bankrolls and experience.

777 on Mobile

777 Deluxe has a brilliant mobile version of the game that has been streamlined to play flawlessly on all modern day mobile devices. It is fully compatible with all iOS, Android, and Windows devices and their respective operating systems. Moreover, the game can be played using the latest Flash-based Instant Play mode. There is the option of downloading the game to a mobile device or desktop; however, Instant Play remains the most convenient and fastest way to play 777 Deluxe.


Whether you are a new player with little casino gaming experience or a seasoned player, you will definitely want to add 777 Deluxe to your list of must-try slots. The game manages to find the perfect balance between simple gameplay and innovative, vibrant graphics. It proves that slot games do not need to be over-complicated to be fun, entertaining and ultimately rewarding. 777 Deluxe is also a tribute to the vintage fruit machines that started it all so all casino players can appreciate and relive that wonderful time in a modern day setting.