Traces of Evidence Slots

If you enjoy a good murder mystery you’ll love what Traces of Evidence has to offer. This online slot game is themed around a murder mystery and challenges you to try and figure out what happened to the victim as you try and unlock the most lucrative prize payouts that you can. From the very beginning of this slot game experience you’ll have a bunch of high paying opportunities, but only if luck is on your side.

Watch for the Gun

Other than the wild symbol, the gun is the most valuable symbol in this slot game. You need to get five guns and you’ll be rewarded with 3,000 coins. That’s a whole lot of money no matter what wager level you’re playing at, but the higher you go up the more valuable the symbol becomes for you.

Win Big With Badges

The Sheriff’s badge is the wild in Traces of Evidence and will help you unlock more prizes as you play through round after round of this mysterious slot game. It doesn’t just help complete prize payouts though, it offers a payout of its own as well. This special symbol is worth up to 5,000 coins if you get five of them on the same pay line. That’s a whole lot of cash for a standard round in this slot game.

Small Scatter Payouts

While some slot games pay out handsomely for the scatter symbol, this isn’t one of them. Getting all five scatter symbols at the same time will only reward you with 20 times the total wager amount, which isn’t a huge prize by any means. Scatters offer regular wins in this game though and will help you get as much money out of every round of the slot that you can.

Free Spin Bonus

While playing through rounds of this slot there is a chance that you’ll trigger a special free spin round. To do this you need to get three or more of the free spin symbols anywhere across the reels. Once you do that you’ll unlock a good solid free spin round where you can win even more prizes.

Autopsy Bonus

While playing Traces of Evidence you could unlock the high paying autopsy feature giving you a chance to check out a dead body and hopefully trigger some additional prize payouts. This special feature is available only from the free spin round of the game, so as you go through all those free spins you should be hoping to unlock the special feature for even more prize money opportunities.

Traces of Evidence is a fun-filled murder mystery type slot game with a lot of cool features for you to experience. From beginning to end, you’ll love all that the slot game has to offer you. Start playing it today and you’ll see just what we mean.