Amazing Aztecs Slots

Behold! The power of awesome giant symbols in one of the most unique slot games that you’ll try this year, Amazing Aztecs! This online slot features block symbols that are 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 blocks across the reels. The cool symbols give you increased chances of winning exceptional prizes and they give the slot a very distinct look as well.

Giant Re-Spin

The giant symbols in Amazing Aztecs improve your chances of unlocking favorable prizes as you play through round after round, but only through a unique re-spin feature. Each time that you manage to unlock a prize payout by getting a series of symbols together on the reels, the slot game will kick into high gear and reward you with a giant symbol re-spin. What this does is overlays a series of massive symbols with the same picture as the original slot symbol over top of the reel and they spin around and around over the reel and stop in a random position. The giant symbols will then transform into a bunch of standard small symbols, occasionally covering the entire reel with prize paying symbols. No matter where these giant symbols stop, they are likely to improve the prize paying combination of the slot at least a little bit.

Decent Maximum Wins

It’s possible to win as much as 824 times your total wager amount while playing Amazing Aztecs in a single turn. That’s a whole lot of cash for you to unlock from the slot game and it could mean the difference between a small and large bankroll.

Cool Animations

Whether you’re winning hundreds of dollars or more minor prizes from this slot game it’s always going to feel epic thanks to the excellent animations that are featured on Amazing Aztecs. The game animates every win, features some pretty epic music and makes you feel excited every time you manage to pull off a win while playing the slot.

Beautiful Graphics

From the time that you first start playing Amazing Aztecs you’ll be impressed with the quality of the graphics used. Every single one of the symbols in this slot game is unique and carefully colored and styled to be beautiful and to catch your attention. You’ll love the look of the slot and coupled with the animations it’s difficult not to like the look of this slot game as you play through round after round.

Amazing Aztecs is an exciting slot game with a lot to offer and it packs in some truly impressive prize payouts as well for gamblers that are willing to risk more money with larger wagers. If you want to experience the cool giant symbol re-spin feature that makes this slot unique, it’s certainly worth trying out.