Double Sixteen Slots

Double Sixteen slot is a unique classic slot game that looks confusing at first glance, but is actually a lot of fun to play through. If you’re looking for a basic slot game, this probably isn’t the one for you. However, if you’re looking for an interesting slot that has a classic theme and a new way to play, you might just enjoy this game.

Placing a Wager

When spinning the reels of Double Sixteen there are actually four different possible wagers that you can make. You can bet between 5 credits and 40 credits going from 5, to 10, to 20 to 40. The different amount of credits that you wager will leave you with a different amount of paylines active at one time. If you wager five credits you’ll have four lines active. Go up to 10 credits for eight lines active. Head to 20 credits for 16 paylines active and when you wager 40 credits you’ll activate a total of 32 paylines. The more credits you risk in this slot game the more likely you are to win money, so it’s important to achieve balance between your risk and the payout that you’re hoping for.

Two Different Slots

Double Sixteen is a pretty unique slot game because it has two different slots that you will be playing on. There’s a bottom slot and a top slot and you can effectively play on both at the same time if you’re willing to place a 40 coin wager while playing this slot. Do that and you have twice as many opportunities to win some serious cash from the slot game.

Basic Gameplay

Even though this slot seems to have a lot going on with it as you play through round after round, it’s actually pretty basic to play. After choosing the number of credits that you want to risk there isn’t much else for you to do. You simply sit and wait for the prizes to come rolling in. There are no special bonus features or advanced features to worry about. Instead you just focus on the payline and try to unlock as many wins as you possibly can along the way. The top win of 200 coins from the treasure chest symbols isn’t very large, but you can win prizes very frequently from this slot game so you can win these mid-level payouts often enough to make a real difference.

Double Sixteen is a bit confusing on the surface, but it’s actually a pretty simple slot game and is a lot of fun to play through. Whether you want to risk a bunch of credits at once or you want to keep your wagers modest, you can do exactly that with the slot game. Give it a try and you’ll see just what it has going for it.