Wildcano Slots

Wildcano has erupted, spewing out lava, fumes and an exquisite online casino experience. The name aptly describes this brand new slot with a virtual explosion of top quality action. Never before has a slot looked and felt so refreshing. With its central, revolving reels, there has been nothing like it, up until now.

Orbital Reels

Wildcano comes with a trade mark, Orbital Reels, spinning the game in full swing, and from a new perspective. This slot changes everything. The way slots are designed evolving, and this exquisite slot is a clear example of this. If just for a change from the usual game layout, Wildcano is the first of its kind, a prototype in effect, but an entirely functional one nevertheless.

Feel the Difference

The symbols are at the centre of the screen, on the spinning wheels. What’s more, they can spin simultaneously creating, even more, excitement and thrills. The incidental music compliments the spinning, orbital Reels as they rotate. The Wildcano housing the tremendous Orbital reels is to be found on a desert island, with a sole Wildcano at its centre. As you zoom into the game, the orbital reels strike you at full blast; it is so different, yet so inviting and tempting. The game controls and buttons are at the base of the screen, located in what looks like little huts or brick houses at the base of the Wildcano. This exciting and intense adventure leads you through the mouth of the volcano and straight into the casino gambling action. The atmosphere that Wildcano concocts is unique and intensely pleasurable.

Wildcano Wild Play

Aside from the beauty of the game design, there is extreme gambling action to be enjoyed playing Wildcano. There are three rotating reels and eight pay lines upon which to wager. The Wild reel leads to Free Spins awarded, and the exclusively designed Pyroclasts WILD eruption feature. There is also a second chance, Bonus Earthquake feature that adds much to the overall flow and contributes additional chances to win. There is also the dominant Magma Feature, which offers opportunities for straight wins. Making up the list of unique game features comes the Symbol Sacrifice feature. All the bonus and unique features add value and class to the game, besides the interest value rise as well.

Wildcano Symbols

Wildcano slots have wonderfully appropriate symbols for the game. The intense excitement of the central spinning reels allows for a full game overview. There are symbols such as Bananas, Pairs, red Sevens, Diamonds, Sapphires and other precious gems. Some of the symbols turn red hot, and in fact, all the reels can become red hot demon face during the bonus round.

Controlling the Wildcano

The left-hand side of your screen shows you your credit balance, your total bet amount, along with a link to the pay table. The bottom right-hand side of the screen confirms if you have received any prizes, which is where the Spin and AutoPlay buttons are located as well. The AutoPlay function is beneficial as you can set a fixed number of spins while you sit back, relax and wait for a win.


Wildcano hardly needs any promotion. The features are innovative, fresh and break new ground. If would be a crime not to try out Wildcano, if you are a fan of high tension, casino gambling action. The new look of the game and the manner the reels spin create an entirely new way of gambling. The game never gets lost in its complexity. Instead, it provides players with a unique gambling experience.