Jackpot Gagnant Slots

Jackpot Gagnant Slots
The one thing we would expect to see in this game is a jackpot. But if you know what Gagnant means, you’re more knowledgeable than we are! We had to look it up, and the word is actually French, translating into ‘winner’. Now, we are interested to see whether you could be a jackpot winner if you play this game from Betsoft! Shall we learn more?

Reels and lines

The game has three reels and five paylines.

Coin values

You can bet from one to 10 coins on this slot. Be aware the slot is designed to light up as a real-life one-armed bandit would do. As you bet more coins on each spin, the correct portion of the paytable lights up to show you what the jackpot prize would be in each case. This could be between 400 and 10,000 coins. We think it is best to play a small-value coin and to bet 10 on each line if possible.

Jackpot Gagnant special symbols

Fruit, bells, and gold stars… that is what you can expect from this slot game. You will see the other jackpot prizes open to you if you bet enough coins. The jackpot would be triggered by three appearances of the lady (shall we call her the lucky lady?) on the reels. She must appear in every position on a paid line to secure you the win.

Bonus features to watch out for

This game also has a Supermeter at the top, between the two sections of the paytable. You can get two ladies on a payline and win a mystery coin prize if you are playing the maximum bet. This is a different feature, and one that does add some depth to the game.

Download and try your luck playing the Jackpot Gagnant slot now!

Jackpot Gagnant is more unusual than you would expect because of the Supermeter and the chance to scoop a mystery prize if you watch for the lady to appear twice on a paid line. It does take some getting used to though, so we would recommend you take it for a spin in demo mode first if you want to play it for real.

It does represent a good step up from a traditional three-reel slot, and for that alone, we like the idea behind Jackpot Gagnant from Betsoft. Will you like it too?