Poker Home Game

Do you miss the days of Thursday night poker games with the guys? With the PokerStars Poker Home Game, those days are back and better than ever!

With the Poker Home Game players can log into a poker game from across the country or around the world and spend a few fun-filled hours of terrific play time with friends. You set the stakes and the house rules, and the game takes off. It is all yours – no public views. It’s just a few buddies shooting the breeze around a poker table.

How it Works

You and all your poker buddies will need to download the free Home Game poker software to your computers. Unlike casino software as used by establishments like Crazy Slots Casino or English Harbour online casino, there is no flash version of this, so you will have to load the proprietary software. The upside of this is that the game is extremely good looking and smooth running once the software is up and loaded. It is intuitive, so not much instruction is necessary, and Home Games has a short video offering a complete rundown of all the tools.

Once you have loaded the software, you have a choice – either join an existing poker club or form your own. If you form your own club, you are then offered the option of adding potential members and sending invitations to them. The invites may be sent via email, Twitter, Facebook or instant messaging.

In the invitation you establish the date, time, stakes and poker variant being played. You can either play for real money or you can play for chips and not worry about the dough – just like the Thursday night game, the house rules are all up to you.

Poker Tournaments

For the poker devotee, PokerStars also hosts tournaments! For these you will need to create and fund a PokerStars play account. Once that is established, the buy-in, stakes and game is dependent upon the tournament being played. This is your opportunity to join the big poker tour, just like you’ve always dreamed of!

Public Games

Another option available is for you to create or to join a public poker table. This is a great way to challenge yourself against strangers, and to meet interesting new people in this virtual poker-playing world.

Make Tonight a Poker Night!

We love this new and completely interactive poker game. It is a way to interact with friends, old or new, on like and share that wonderful camaraderie that stems from a friendly game of cards. Get over to Home Games now and give PokerStars a try! We’ll bring the beer!