Gambling in Greece

Players who gamble online in Greece won't be saying όχι (oh no) but will be shouting oompah when they hear the news that their government has reconsidered their intent to add a 10% tax on player's winnings. This suspension comes as a result of very strong opposition by those in the gaming industry. It was only this past July that the previous government had passed this law, which was to go into effect last Wednesday. Since a new government is now in place, it has been reported this week that the Minister of Finance will submit an amendment to "suspend the taxation of gambling winnings."This is an attempt to readdress online gambling in order to provide a much fairer solution for players.

With the global economy in a state of flux, it is apparent that more countries throughout Europe and the world are revisiting online gambling as a means of creating additional revenue. As for players in Greece, this reprieve is welcomed, and hopefully a solution will be forthcoming in the months to come.

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