Aladdin’s Lamp

If you play online slots frequently you may already have come across progressive jackpots. These exist in all sizes but we’ve discovered one that aims to top all the rest.

Boss Media has created a slots game called Aladdin’s Lamp, and while it only has three reels and three paylines it certainly makes up for that in the progressive jackpot stakes.

How big is the jackpot?

This is the question we all want an answer to, and we’re about to give you an answer that will impress you. The massive potential win amounts to €3 million! That equates to a little over $4 million in US dollars. Needless to say that’s a huge amount of money that would change anyone’s life.

Can anyone win it?

You have to bet the maximum wager to stand a chance of scooping the maximum progressive payout on that particular spin. This is fair enough – it’s a big payout to try for.

However there are other bet amounts you can play with, and in each case there is a particular size of progressive jackpot available to shoot for. This means that while you won’t have an opportunity to win €3 million with a 25 cent stake, you can still win a smaller progressive payout if you get lucky.

Okay, so how do you get lucky?

The answer is to find three Aladdin symbols across a payline. If you get this line in place you’ll win the progressive payout you have access to with your particular bet amount. Of course people won’t be winning the progressive payouts regularly but the fact there is a huge prize in the wings is a big temptation. If you get lucky you’ll certainly have a big prize to look forward to.

Why are progressive payout slots this popular?

Every slots game has a range of prizes on offer. It’s pretty easy to win the smallest ones and there is a reasonable chance of winning bigger prizes too. The bigger the prize gets the harder it is to win – but you just never know what could happen. That’s why people love these games so much. It’s also the reason why lots of players are likely to start playing Aladdin’s Lamp as soon as they see it. This could be a big new slot game to try online whenever you get the chance.