Runaway Train Slots

Have you ever seen a train go by loaded up with gold? Probably not but you can see one now in Runaway Train Slots. Feast your eyes on the golden bars loaded up on the train which can help you to win big in this game. In this game there is a train graphic across the bottom of the screen which is very realistic. The Runway Train Slots is like one of those games you used to get in the UK seaside amusement arcades. This game has a Rocky Mountain theme that is displayed in the background. You will notice that the train is filled with gold bars, most of which can end up in your pocket if luck is on your side.

This slot has 5 win lines. There are three horizontal lines which are top, middle and bottom, and two diagonal lines which start at the top and bottom of the left hand reel. You can choose to play on any number of lines but as the largest pay out is on the 5th line, then you should play all five lines and lower your coin amount if necessary. The highest coin size is $1 which means $5 for maximum lines. Auto Spin is available on this game and you can relax as you watch the games play automatically for you. This automatic function can be configured for up to 100 spins. The symbols include a double golden bar, a golden bar, a triple golden bar, runaway train logos and 7s.

You can win big prizes in this game and there are many chances to do so. The wild symbol is the train symbol and this makes up wins with any other symbol. If you get three train symbols across any of the 5 win lines, then you will get a big pay out, with the maximum prize of 5000 coins for 3 trains on line 5. The biggest is reserved for the trains. The amount will depend on which lines amongst these five lines you manage to get three train symbols in. Line 1 is worth 1000 coins, line 2 is worth 1500 coins, line 3 is worth 2000 coins, line 4 is worth 2500 and line 5, which is the line which pays out the most, is worth 5000 coins. This symbol is also wild and substitutes for any of the other symbols to complete a win.

Just above the train graphic which runs across the bottom part of the screen, there are the three reels. This show a different pay out for 3 trains over the 5 different win lines. Below that is the regular pay table pay out. In the background we can hear continual music in the background and laughing and chatter faintly mingled with the sounds of the whirr of reels and electronic beeps too which give the impression that we are in an old slots hall.

The bars in this game, the single, double and triple are gold (obviously) as this is a train laden with gold and carrying gold bars coming from a gold mine. Aside from the train the only other symbol is the red 7s. These red 7s will give you regular wins as 3 of these will win you 150 coins. Then the bars pay 80 for 3 of the triples, 50 for 3 doubles, 15 for 3 singles and 4 for 3 mixed. If you play more than 5 win lines at a time you will get more than one simultaneous win usually in the mixed bars. This runaway train can be likened to Thomas the tank engine as both trains are unmanned and both are attractive and endearing to us.

Imagine seeing a train run across your screen all glittering with gold. Where is the runaway train off to? We can only imagine and hope that it will stop for long enough for us to flag it down and get a share of the treasure. There is lots of treasure to be won in this game especially if you play on line 5 as this will win you 5000 coins. The higher the value of the coin you play with, the higher your winnings will be.

This is a pleasant relaxing game to play which will remind many of their childhood when they hear the background sounds of the jukebox playing, people chattering softly and laughing mingled with the unmistakable sounds and whirrs of the reels and beeps. Many will be taken back to their seaside holidays and the amusement slots halls that we encountered there.

So, sit down, relax and listen to the background noises, lose yourself in the world of times past, trains fully loaded with gold, the Rocky mountain and make your bets. This could be your lucky day!