The Mob Heist Slots

The Mob Heist is a virtual gangsters’ paradise of casino gaming shrouded in crime. Essentially a police and robbers caper, the game has the standard layout of 5-reels along with 25 pay lines. The theme and setting are 1930s Chicago and the Mafia Wars. This time the Mob are planning the heist of the century, and the cops have to thwart their ingenious and daring efforts. There are five mobsters critical to the success of the operation. They are important game symbols as they increase winning potential and free spins whenever they land on the reels. The five criminal masterminds plan to rob five banks at the same time to confuse the forces of law enforcement. Will they succeed on such an ambitious plan? We shall see! Players have the option of playing the mobile version of The Mob Heist Slots, and there are two options for playing the game; Instant Play mode, or to download the game to a mobile device or the PC/laptop. The symbols are an interesting and amusing bunch of motley characters. Besides the mobsters, players will encounter game icons such as a pair of handcuffs and a policeman. In any case, they enrich the gameplay considerably. Let’s take a look at the criminals’ plans and assist them with the bank jobs of the century.

Mobster Symbols of Crime and Justice

As usual, the cops try to stop the crimes from taking place, yet players will get to help the criminals commit the bank heists. The game symbols at players’ disposal and which turn up in the reels during gameplay include; a big Mafia Boss, a Boy, a Doctor, a Policewoman, a Girl, a Criminal Goon, a Gun, a pair of Handcuffs, a bank Safe, a Straight Razor, and Whiskey symbol. Also included are picture card values, the Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The game icons are incredibly innovative and pleasing, and subsequently conducive to successful wagering without incessant intrusions. The bonuses and unique casino features provide a lot of the gambling action and excitement. Look out for the female law enforcement officer symbol as she is really Wild! The Bonus symbol and the Free Spins icons are ones to watch out for as they activate the respective features.

Bank Job Bonus and Special Features

The criminal symbols are the ones to watch out for as they usually herald excellent and lucrative payouts. The free spins are activated by landing the criminal goon symbols on the reels. Once triggered, players receive an initial 15 Free Spins. To enable the exceptional bonus round called; The Bank Job Bonus, players will need to get at least two Bonus icons on the reels. The exciting round involves players planting and setting dynamite to blast open the five vault doors. Players then pick up the cash found in the various vaults, at the five different banks. The total bounty at stake is a considerably high multiplier of up to 1,000x the bet amount. Not to forget the exciting Double Up feature that turns up the heat. All it takes is to pick a higher value card than the dealer. The Wild Policewoman replaces other regular game symbols to create winning combinations upon the spinning reels. The Wild cannot, however, replace the two Scatters, which are the Bonus and Free Spins symbols. All the features add extra chances and increase the chances of winning a payout of some sort.

Betting with the Mob

The wagering process while playing The Mob Heist Slots is a smooth and efficient system with an excellent choice of betting options to suit all players’ bankrolls. In effect, the 5-reels, and in particular the 25 pay lines provide the setting for the betting wars. The coin sizes provide the ammunition for wagering. The multiple coin values start from a tiny 1 cent. The other coin values rise as following; $0.02, $0.04, $0.10, $0.40, $0.60, $1.00, $2.00, $4.00, and up to a max of $5.00 per coin; this provides a maximum bet limit of $125 per spin, consisting of one $5 coin on each of the 25 pay lines. All wins are calculated with symbols landing from left to right of the game screen. The controls of the game are easily found at the base of the screen, for quick and easy access. Players can adjust the betting and coin values from there, and the buttons are super intuitive and user-friendly. All player types can enjoy the betting system since it incorporates a broad spectrum of wagering options starting from just 25 cents, up to $125, assuming players are betting on all the pay lines.

Mobile Heist

The Mob Heist has a splendid mobile version of the game available for players’ convenience. It has been optimised and explicitly streamlined for mobile devices. Modern tablets and smartphones, whether iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems are compatible. Players can opt to download the game to their mobile device, or the PC as they prefer. The alternative is to play the game using the latest Flash technology; Instant Play. It permits players to click on the game at a casino, and play without having to wait, or download the game.

Summary of The Mob Heist

There are many crime-themed slots out there, but The Mob Heist is one of the better ones. It is loaded with great casino features such as a Wild, and two Scatters that trigger the bonus round and the free spins. The payouts are frequent, yet modest in the short run. If players choose to go for gold, persistence is the key, and the longer the game is played, the better and the higher it pays out. There are more symbols than usual, and they enrich the theme and craft atmospheric and immersive gameplay. The choice of betting options is satisfying and broad-based so that everyone can enjoy the game, high rollers and novices both. It is advisable to bet on all the pay lines, whatever coin amount is selected, as this improves the probabilities of a hefty and more substantial payout. The mobile version captures the true essence of the game, projecting its qualities faithfully on the medium. Last but not least, The Mob Heist creates bucketloads of entertainment laced with excellent chances to win a payout. Discover is crime really does pay, or not. Experience The Mob Heist and break the bank!