Ogre Empire Slots

Ogre Empire is an atmospheric and engaging slot based around an Ogre giant terrorising the village during the night, while the brave villagers erect defences during the day, in preparation for the nightly attack of the fearsome and powerful Ogre. This 5-reel, 25 Pau lines slot delivers an excellent wagering experience, with a massive range of betting options. The theme is perfect for the game, and the symbols that land on the reels during regular play provide the combinations that will lead to payouts. The enchanted land is where the battle is waged, and the treasure can be found. But first, players will have to defeat the mighty Ogre. The kingdom is home to Jokers, Kings, Queens and, of course, the titular Ogre. There are some excellent bonuses and unique game features. The game offers an innovative Day/Night feature. The Ogre gets more potent during the day, and the prizes are more bountiful. The Night mode gives more powers to the townsfolk as the Ogre is sleeping; however, the prizes are more modest. Players will need to rid the village of the Ogre problem, in order to win the game and reap the benefits and rewards.

Theme and Symbols

With an imaginative fantasy world as the backdrop of the game, the theme surrounds the five centrally located reels, with the game buttons beautifully integrated, and situated at the base of the screen, just beneath the reels. This layout affords complete control over the game and wagering process. Blending suitably into the theme, the symbols create the variety on the reels. Game symbols include the powerful Joker icon, the King, the Queen, the Ogre, a Flower Blossom, a plate of colourful and bright Gemstones, a magnificent Blue Diamond, a pile of Coins, the Ogre’s Mace, some Mushroom, and the Wild Logo.

Wild Fun and Special Features

There are two Wild symbols used during the game. There is the Wild Logo and the Wild Flower Blossom. The latter appears during both the Day and Night modes, turning other symbols into winning combinations. As each flower blossoms, the magic increases and it affects the surrounding symbols, turning them into Wilds as well! During the Day mode, the Ogre appears and starts smashing rocks and symbols that miraculously lead to wins and extra rewards. The townsfolk, on the other hand, perform during the night, when the Ogre is sleeping, and they offer better payouts. The icing on the cake is the emergence of the Joker Wild symbol, bringing with it a multiplier of 3x the bet! The joker’s merriment is the signal for a 2X Wild winning payout! During the Flower Blossom Wild wins, the flower shoots spores and grows to affect other symbols and transform them into winning combinations. During the Day and Night modes, the reels change as does the gameplay. The day belongs to the Ogre, where he has high powers, whereas the night belongs to the villagers.

Betting to Win

Ogre Empire Slots provides an easy to use and intuitive wagering system. It is centred around the massive 25 pay lines, whereas the symbols turn up on the five spinning reels of fortune. The one coin size of $1.00 provides the ammunition for wagering. Players can place the one coin on all the pay lines, thereby creating an upper limit of $25 per spin! The variety of bets is quite broad-based and not the usual setting that is commonly found on 5-reel slots such as this one.

Mobile Ogre on the Loose

A great addition is the Ogre Empire mobile version of the game. Fully optimised and neatly streamlined, it delivers a killer punch of an experience! It is compatible with HTML5 for desktop gaming, and iOS, Android, and Windows for mobile gaming. Whether players are using a tablet or a smartphone, the result is the same excellence, clarity and vibrant graphics.


Ogre Empire slots offers an unusual setup and innovative design. The game switches from Day to Night mode for added dramatic effect. The wagering does not include bets under $1, and the upper limit is entirely a high amount of $25 per spin. The theme and symbols provide the colour and vigorous action that accompanies the wagering process exceptionally well. The bonus round adds that little something extra, by way of increased chances to win, along with boosted entertainment. The mobile version allows players the freedom of playing whenever they want, and in any location that there is a WiFi connection. All in all, this new slot offers a great gaming experience with all the trimmings of modern day slots. Not to forget that there are multiple ways to win the game and gain a good payout. Try out Ogre Empire and feel the power of the giant.