USFL Futures Odds and Betting Lines at Bovada

The USFL is a minor league football tournament that was founded in 2021. The league's inaugural season was in 2022 when eight teams from a South and North conference competed for the initial championship competition. The Birmingham Stallions triumphed against the Philadelphia Stars to win the match in July of that year. The regular USFL season games commence in April 2023 and end in June after ten action-packed weeks of hot footballing action and engaging games.

The end of June sees the four-team division playoffs, and July heralds the championship final and a new season champion. Football fans will be pleased that Bovada provides lines, football odds, and title odds for the 2023 league so that punters may bet on their favorite team during the USFL. We'll take a look at the USFL betting odds and the news about the hottest teams to gain a better betting perspective.

USFL Betting Options

USFL betting isn't that different from other betting markets. It's similar to college football betting and other football betting types, and they are available at Bovada, where you'll also get betting advice from expert football analysts. The best way to approach USFL betting is to take advantage of the league's inexperience and come to your betting strategies with statistical forecasts and predictions, not speculation. A USFL football team hasn't proved itself yet, since there has only been one season. The traditional betting markets are the same. You have Prop bets, including team Props and player Props, plus Futures.


If you think the Stars are underdogs, oddsmakers provide a decent spread. If you back the spread, the Stars would need to lose at least two points for your bet to win, and three points is a push. If the Stars prevail to win the match, that results in an additional winning ticket.


If you bet $100 on the Philadelphia Stars, that returns a profit of $130 if you prefer the under; nevertheless, many football fans enjoy betting against a spread, as an addition or deduction of points to your bet can make the difference between losing or winning tickets.

Over Under Totals

The USFL betting total represents the points number Bovada expects the team to score. Your task is to predict if the total points the teams score in the game will decrease higher or lower than the total for that betting line. Bovada provides futures instead of having to bet on the result of a regular season's match. You can try to predict which team will win the USFL playoff final or the respective Conference games.

USFL Playoff Format

The USFL regular season lasts ten weeks and includes divisional matchups where the best teams will qualify for the conference championship league games. First, the team in the top two positions of each conference league face each other in the championship match; subsequently, in the USFL South and North conference, league winners meet each other and play off to declare the season champion.

USFL Championship Background And Odds

When the USFL season ends, the most competitive match for the South and North league divisions will commence. The best two teams from the USFL, South and North, will compete with each other to reach the final playoff, which is the most anticipated match of the entire season. The betting favorites emerge as soon as the top four teams from the divisional championship league matches reveal themselves. The USFL league championship betting favorites appear, and Bovada will release the new championship betting odds.

The Stallions and the Generals finished first in the divisional standings and became the playoff favorites with matching records. However, the most significant underdogs were the Stars, who defeated the powerful Generals and claimed the North division league championship to gain a place in the USFL playoff final. The Breakers were overcome by The Stallions and went on to win the North division league title and defeat the mighty Stars in the USFL leagues Championship playoff finals.