Bovada Boxing

Boxing odds can vary greatly. Sometimes the favorite is inexpensive, but other times, particularly in undercard or preliminary events, the choice can have relatively high odds. Unlike the major pro sports leagues, boxing doesn't have a schedule. Instead, the boxers agree to individual matches, one at a time, usually a couple of months in advance. Bovada makes sure of that and posts odds on fights with marquee names.

If the boxing match doesn't take place, all bets are void, and wagers are refunded. However, let's assume that everyone will focus on what types of bets are available in boxing. The main kinds of boxing include the following.

Round Betting

The big-ticket events provide betting options by picking a winner. It isn't easy to pinpoint, and sometimes it's good to bet on several games; however, it can pay off handsomely.

2-Way Betting

Each bout is available for wagering y picking a straight-up winner, like a moneyline bet in the other sports.

3-Way Betting

Each bout is available for wagering, and you pick a winner or select a draw.

Victory Method

If you like a fighter who's an overwhelming favorite, you can mitigate your risk. There are several ways to end. First, a fighter can win on points, either by a Technical Decision or disqualification.

Boxing Odds And Moneyline Bets

Like most sports, you can place bets on every boxing match. However, you must pick who you think will win or be unique to boxing and pick a draw.

Over And Under

Picking which fighter wins is one of many ways to bet on boxing. Nearly every sportsbook offers over and under bets and wagers on how it lasts. Note that betting on boxing over and under differs from betting on totals. The odds for over and under-betting work as the money line. Instead of a boxer, you bet on whether a fight will pass the round. Most of the matches available for betting include twelve three-minute games.

Victory Betting

Another way to get better value is by betting on the method of victory, especially for matches that should be one-sided. With victory betting, you have to select how a fighter will win, the options being. It's an excellent way to bet if you have an opinion about who'll win.


Parlays allow you to wager on two or more matches with one ticket. The difference is that, with a parlay, all the boxers you picked must win. If you parlay three bouts and one goes differently, you'll lose the money you bet. Parlay betting can be risky but lucrative due to the better payout prizes. Parlays do not present any particular format. Instead, you add multiple bets to your slip and select the parlay option. Like single bets, you enter the stake amount or what you hope to win, and the site calculates the other half.

Other Boxing Bets

The money line bet, over and unders, and method of victory are the primary wagers for boxing. Other specialty props are available at Bovada, especially marquee bouts. For instance, you may be able to wager on any or all of the following:

Knockouts And Points Deduction

Will the boxer another by a certain number of points? That's effectively betting against the spread. Once you consider the angles, feel confident that you know and understand the bets available, make a wager and enjoy the ring action.


Boxing is primarily a moneyline sport, so you must know how to read those odds. However, they are relatively easy to read if you are still getting familiar with these odds. There are several money-making possibilities with sports betting. Some predictions connect with a particular event, team, or player. All the Bovada betting markets are unique, as you'll discover when you sign up at Bovada and access the entire site. The considerable strength of money lines is that they are some of the most straightforward betting markets. That simplicity is what makes money lines particularly good for those who are new to betting. You'll need to predict a winning player or team for specific events.

What Are Money Lines?

That is what money lines are all about. The moneyline allows you to make a straight-up bet focusing only on who wins the game or event, only tied to the stake if you find a variation of the moneyline bet. It is one of the most straightforward forms of betting since there is almost always a winner and a loser. Whether the event involves flipping a coin, playing a quick game of snap, or scoring more buckets than the opposing team, the money lines will let you bet on who you think will win.

Bankroll Management

Since the money line bet is a simple yes or no type, it can be tempting to bet more frequently than you probably should. Knowing what you are getting into before throwing money at each event, you enjoy watching is essential. Be selective when you bet on money lines. Since you are betting on the winner, you might place bets on groups you would like to win rather than on those likely to win based on form. A rule of thumb is only to bet when you believe your selected team or player has the best chance of winning. If that means not placing a bet when your favorite team is playing, so be it.

Key Statistics To Watch

You need to pay attention to three stats to get a good idea of how well a boxer will perform. A boxer's record is sometimes guaranteed to be how they will perform. The three stats to watch out fur include the following,

  • Punches were thrown and landed
  • Total jabs per round
  • Total punches per round

Total jabs each round is another one to watch since it tells how quickly a boxer is striking. It also tells us if a fighter is moving too fast and spending too much energy in the early or later rounds. If a boxer is landing more jabs each game, they typically have better odds at total power punches per round too. That sets up the aggressive fighter with better combinations and better position with the balance to land more power punches.

Other Betting Styles

Some bettors like to bet on the over and under, on rounds, or by placing prop bets. The over-and-under bet is where you bet on whether or not the fight will last all the matches or end under a certain one. Prop chances come in different varieties. Some will be a method of victory bet, the length of time, and the distance, even what round the war will end. These are fun and exciting to bet on but are a little more challenging to guess. The bet is a wager on the likelihood of a particular outcome happening. Sometimes, the chance itself has nothing to do with the result of a sporting event. However, if you like thrills and flexibility in your bets, then prop bets are there for you.

Prop Bets Tips

Before diving in, you must know a few things to place a prop bet. Prop Bets are sometimes referred to as specials bet. Prop, proposition, and unique bets all mean the same thing. That makes these bets very different from the money lines, totals, run lines, and other bets. The bets are merely a bet on a particular game aspect. It is an entertaining betting view and experience.