Bovada Golf Odds

Betting on golf can be a rewarding investment. There are many different betting markets available. Here we look at them, briefly explaining the most popular bets.


Futures bets typically offer hefty payouts, and standard futures lines contain the golfer's name followed by his odds. Nevertheless, the chance is simple enough to use, although your choice has to win the championship if your stake is to win. You can even split your wager between two different players.

Moreover, you can double or break your stake, turning it into an each-way bet. When you bet on futures, you essentially gamble on a player to win the competition and can offer substantial payouts. A standard futures line has a golfer's name followed by the odds. The most common bets are futures betting or matchup bets. When you bet on futures, you bet on a golfer to win a tournament. Generally, this offers excellent payouts. A typical futures line will have the golfer's name followed by his odds.

Matchup Betting

Betting on golf futures is staking players to win the competition or tournament. Matchup betting is gambling on any player to score less than another. The bet is on one golfer playing against another and can feature up to three golfers in the competition. A typical golf matchup betting line will start with the golfer's name on the left, followed by the spread line and a hyphen for the totals. There is no over or under, and the money line comes last. The spreads include the number of odds following that, and the money line will only have the odds.

Matchup betting is staking on a particular player to score fewer goals than another choice of yours. That typically involves one golfer playing against another player, which could include three players for a standard matchup betting line for golf. The line starts from the left containing the golfer's name, followed by the spread line with a hyphen for the totals and the moneyline. The spread includes the number at which the line will be, followed by odds, while the money line contains only the odds.

Although betting on futures is essentially choosing one player to win the tournament, with a matchup bet, you are wagering on a named player to score lower points than another chosen player. The bet type is generally for one golfer against another and may feature a trio of players. Golf Betting is less well-known than other sports betting options such as football or horse racing; however, there is no question about its surge in popularity in recent years. Golf betting offers many betting options to turn a decent profit throughout the year. That undoubtedly makes the Italian Open all the more entertaining. Here are a few popular bets for the Italian Open 2020 and other golf tournaments.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is straightforward, as you merely bet on a golfer to score lower than his chosen counterpart. However, it is vital to understand the payout structure. Moneyline betting is a straightforward process, as you wager on the golfer to score a lower result than his golfing counterpart. However, it's crucial to understand the payout structure.

Winner's Nationality

Bovada offers exciting betting markets for the winning player or team's nationality. However, you must choose a race rather than a specific player to win the tournament. So if you decide on Spain, any Spanish player who wins the competition means your bet pays out.

Top 5, 10, or 20 Finish

Another bet type is wagering players to finish the tournament in the top 5, 10, or 20 spots. You bet you will win if your player is among the senior positions.


Hole-in-one betting is wagering on a particular golfer to shoot the ball so it lands in the hole with one shot from its departure on the tee. The odds are typically high; however, it is a somewhat rare occurrence. However, you won't need to name a player; it can be anyone.

Betting Spread

Golf betting spread is when you aren't betting on a player to win or lose; however, you are covering a spread bet, which is 1/2.