Bovada EPL

Considering the English Premier League is the most famous soccer league on the planet, it makes sense that all the sportsbooks offer many different EPL betting markets. With so many diverse Premier League betting markets and available options, you'll need to know you're choosing the right one. If you're reading this page, you are already familiar with most mainstream EPL bets. But have you ever considered futures? What about Premier League props and specials? The Premier League is the most popular on the planet. You may want insight into how to bet on the most-viral sports in the world. Well, you're in luck. You'll find how to understand the betting lines and interpret the odds here. First, let's check the bets available for EPL matches. After reviewing all the popular options, here are the best markets.

A Moneyline bet is your most straightforward wager on a Premier League game. Choose your winning team for the match, or you can back a stalemate draw.

Overs and Unders Goals is where the EPL betting market enables you to predict the total number of goals in a game.

Both Teams to Score is a Premier League betting market where you can place stakes on both teams to score a goal during the match. You can select no or yes.

A Handicap makes a game more of an even contest, and handicap betting gives a team a virtual deficit to overcome.

The Correct Score market is to predict the exact final scoreline of any given Premier League game.

The First Goalscorer involves all the top EPL sportsbooks enabling you to predict the first player to score a goal in a match.

Anytime Goalscorer is where you can back a player to find the back of the net throughout a game.

Half-Time, Full-Time is if you think a team is going to dominate a match and be leading both half-time full-time, is the market you want.

The Draw Not Bet market removes the draw option, meaning you can only pick the winner of a game. The bookie will refund your wager if the match ends in a stalemate.

Double Chance covers two possible results; double Chance lets you back a team to win, draw, or bet on either winning.

There are many different options for betting on Premier League games. While taking advantage of multiple markets is wise, some are better than others.


For those who like far-off event betting options, futures are for you, and you can place wagers on the Premier League. For example, you can bet which club qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, which clubs will go down to the EFL Championship games, which of the Big Six clubs will win it all, and numerous other wagers. An example of a futures bet would be a wager made on a minor team to win the championship. Of course, you can check during the season and playoffs to see how your future bets are shaping, and many individuals avoid futures bets as they can tie up the bankroll during the season. However, Premier League futures are worth it if you make strategic pickings that can net profits.

A Global Phenomenon

Betting on European and English Premier League football is a global sensation, and you have all the tools to bet on football. But there are some critical differences from American sports to keep in mind. For example, you can bet on English Premier League action at Bovada Sportsbook in many ways.

3 Steps To Bet On EPL Soccer

EPL soccer betting is exceptionally straightforward. There are three simple steps to learn how to bet on the English Premier League. First of all, you will need an account with Bovada. You can create an account here, or if you have already signed up, head onto step two. Next up, visit the Bovada EPL odds page to view the latest English Premier League bets available. Once you have selected your wager amount, enter your wager and click Place Bet. Finally, you next need to deposit if your account's balance is zero or lower than the amount you want to wager. Then you are done! After following these three steps, you will have placed a bet on the English Premier League, and all you need to do now is wait for the Chance to settle.

EPL Spread Betting

The point spread is a popular way to bet on NFL and NBA games. It works the same way in soccer, taking a match between two teams and turning the betting result into as much of a coin flip as possible by requiring the favorite to win the game by a pre-determined number of goals scored. Unlike most other sports, soccer traditionally shows the home team at the top instead of the bottom when posting EPL odds. In this case, Manchester City is the home side, and they're the favorites, as seen by their spread with the negative sign. To pay out, Liverpool has to beat Manchester City by more than 1 goal, which means any victory. On the other hand, the underdog can either draw or win outright to cover the spread. The numbers show the payouts for each side using the American odds format.

EPL Moneyline Betting

The moneyline betting system enables bettors to stake on three results during any football match. If Team A wins, Team B wins, or they end up with a draw. Use the point spread example to calculate the potential payouts for each outcome. For example, a three-way moneyline bet involves the score at the end of regular time; however, if they go to additional time and one team wins, it's a draw result.

EPL Total Betting

Like the other major sports in North America, you can bet on the two teams combining to score Overs or Unders a certain number of goals that the oddsmaker decides. It doesn't matter which team is listed at the top here - the important thing is that they have to score Overs or Unders three goals to pay out at the prices listed in parentheses. The Over's side is always on top; we include the Zero here at Bovada to help you read the soccer odds. If the two teams in this example score precisely three goals, it's a push, and all bets are yours, and that can also occur in spread betting when it's a number, such as one goal or two goals.

EPL Live Betting

For extra fun, try betting on EPL games while they're in progress. You can bet on the outcome, and you can bet on specific events occurring throughout the game, like which team will score the next goal and whether a particular player will find the back of the net. Tap or click the Live button at the top-left of your screen when viewing the odds at Bovada, and you'll see which games are available for live betting.