Midas Touch Slots

Midas Touch Slots
The King is the man with the Midas Touch. Everything he touches will turn to gold. The screen is full of golden decorations, fruits of all kinds and the Wild Midas Logo, in gold of course. The title is perfectly apt and the overall feel of the game reflects gold, riches and must important of all, winning opportunities abounding. Even the buttons are gold! This 3 Reel, 3 Line Slot game is a pure game with traditional roots. The feel is almost as if you are really playing in a land casino if you take advantage of the great graphics and sound effects.

What's on Offer

The Wild Symbol is the Midas Touch Icon which has the power to substitute other Symbols on the Reels to form winning combinations. This great feature adds much excitement to the game play as it drastically increases the winning chances. The other game Symbols are a combination of different fruit such as Lemons, Apples, Oranges, Cherries (of course), Pears, Grapes, Melons and Plums. They provide a welcome change from the usual theme games on the market. The game is in fact a breath of fresh air.

King Midas Loves Gold

Loosely based on the fictional character of King Midas, the game offers an appropriate overall look and theme heavily leaning towards gold. Almost everything is gold except the fruits for a while, as even they eventually turn to gold as the game progresses.

According to legend, King Midas adored golden treasures and lavish feasts and valued them above all other things. His lust for gold was said to be limitless. He was granted the chance of making one wish. His choice was that everything he touches will turn to gold. He got his wish and it came true. Before his very eyes everything he touched at his banquet immediately turned to gold, to his initial delight.

The very same thing happens with the game Midas Touch. Everything the Wild Midas Touch Symbol affects really does turn to gold including all the fruit Symbols!

Ok, ok! In the story or legend of King Midas he finds he cannot eat the golden fruit and he ended up in misery. That is not the situation here however. We would be glad to win the top payout the game has to offer and benefit from King Midas' touch, so there is no need to worry about that.

Back to Reality

With an expected return to player of almost 95%, Midas Touch really does turn winnings to gold. Coin sizes are pretty varied starting at $0.01 and moving up in various denominations up to $5 per coin. With a Jackpot included there is sure to be more fun and action. In fact, Midas Touch has a great Jackpot feature which can pay out as much as $100,000 made up of 2,000, $5 coins wagered.

The release of Midas Touch has been a hotly anticipated event. Once you try out the game and get in the driving seat, as it were, you will experience a pure game full of rich symbolism. Although the character is fictional, the story really lends itself well to the game and contributes most of the excitement. Trying to beat the machine and win that elusive, high paying Jackpot may not be just a pipe dream, but a dream made reality. With the right approach to the game and bucketsful of patience the chances are increased. No need to lose your head, but you will have a whale of a time playing Midas Touch. Let yourself go, but put on your sun glasses lest you are blinded by the reflections on the gold(en) game Symbols.