Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium Slots

It would be hard to find a slot quite like Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium. The concept is original, amusing, and downright entertaining. Mrs Green is a sweet lady with love for ‘unusual’ plants, which is a dark and daring slot, with symbolism and a deep, pervading atmosphere. The game is played upon 5-reels, and 40 active pay lines. There are free spins and bonus rounds awaiting those brave enough to enter Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium, where players will also find special casino features such as Wilds, and Scatters. Allow yourself to be captivated by Mrs Green’s magic and plush plant emporium, and you could win the top payout of over 50,000 coins!

Hidden Dangers & Green Symbols

The catch is that all the casino plants are carnivorous, evil, man-eating monsters! Mrs Green’s Dark and an eerie secret is that her ‘sweet’ plants are killer plants! The game has stunning 3D graphics that add credence to the game, but there is much more on offer than beautiful graphics. The engine of this slot is an eight-cylinder monster ready to roar! As players log on to the game, they will be taken down dark alleyways, and narrow passageways, till they arrive at Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium. The reels resemble plants on shelves, and the backdrop is the wonderful, yet dangerous plant shop. The plants are the symbols of the game. Each one becomes animated on the reels whenever it appears, to add to the fun and games. Other symbols include ‘creations’ of Mrs Green and high card value icons.

Green Fingers, Botanical Bonuses & Free Spins

Players looking for unique casino features to boost their winning chances have come to the right place. The Scatter, which is represented here by the Game Logo. Three of these symbols landing on the reels activates the bonus round and free spins. The Mrs Green Wild is the other super symbol. When it appears, it will substitute less essential symbols to create winning combinations. The Wild can turn up on reels 2, and 3, appearing expanded to cover all of the reels. The Wild can arise during the Free Spins round, and if she does, your wins can increase substantially. The free spins round automatically awards players with 20 Free Spins as soon as the series is triggered. Landing three Scatters gains 10 Free Spins, four of them wins 15 and landing all five wins 20 Free Spins. All wins during the Free Spins Bonus round come with a 2x multiplier.

Wagering Madness in the Emporium

The reason d’être of the game is to provide players with hot casino action, and choice of wagering options. Mrs Green certainly delivers on that department. The main reason for the broad spectrum of wagering options is down to the 40 pay lines. To add further to the variety, the coin values start from $0.01, increasing exponentially to $0.25 per coin. Therefore, the minimum wager is just $0.40, betting minimum value coins on all the pay lines. The maximum limit will set players back by $50. Both novices and high rollers can revel in the choice of betting options, which will suit them all.

How to Win a Payout

Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium provides multiple ways to win a payout. The Scatter and Wild features come up trumps! Besides winning payouts with the special symbols, wins can be earned by landing a minimum of three similar icons. The payouts differ, yet they are generous. The highest paying symbols are also the weirdest, in what looks like a few strands of hair. Landing three of them wins a payout of 2,000x the wager. The Green Mouth pays out 1,500x for getting all five. The strange looking, Green Plant pays out 1,000x the bet. The Red Plant pays out 250x for getting five. The Glows payout 100x, the Fertilizer pays 80x, and the Watering Can pay 50x the bet for getting five on the reels. The high card value symbols consist of, the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace cards, all decorated with leaves and vines. Five Aces gains 40x the bet. Five Kings 30x, five Queens or Jacks win 20x the wager.

Mrs Green’s Summary

Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium does offer an alternative slot experience. The features players have come to love, such as Scatters, Wilds, Free Spins and decent payouts for all the symbols. The theme is weird, yet engaging and humorous. The wagering action is extensive, varied Eugen options for everyone’s bankroll. The game delivers a premium gaming experience full of immersive qualities, and atmospheric, virtual surroundings. Enjoy Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium, and you might get out alive, with a high payout for your efforts.