Pixiu Slots

Pixiu Slots is a classic 3-reel, five pay line casino game that builds on its strengths, which are many! In Chinese, Pixiu means flying lion, a mythical beast. The creature symbolises wealth, prosperity and luxury whenever it appears. Its food is silver, gold, precious stones and jewels. Pixiu is the centrepiece of the theme and gameplay, adding a mythological touch and a sense of mystery. The symbols are similarly impressive and fit the game beautifully. The gameplay and wagering process is straightforward, yet exceptionally well designed and an entertaining, thrilling joyride as well! The game flow is different from the competition, with varying levels appearing as players progress through the game, various opportunities arise along the way that could lead to massive payouts. The progressive jackpot is an excellent example of the high casino action Pixiu provides players.

Theme & Mystical Symbols

Pixiu is loaded with mystical animals and fantastical beast from legend. With an emphasis on flying creatures, the backdrop provides open skies and vast spaces. The reels are decorated beautifully and with a distinct Chinese/Far Eastern theme, creating a unique background for the wagering. Symbols include a Dragon, an Eagle, a beautiful Jade Ring, a Phoenix, a Coin and picture cards, Queen, King and Ace. There is also a Hawk icon, and there are both Blue and Red Dragons as symbols. Landing one or two of the Red Dragon (Pixiu) symbols earns a modest payout. Landing three Red Dragons wins players a whopping 2,000x their wager!

Pixiu Wagering Magic

Despite the limited pay lines and one coin size, Pixiu serves up a surprisingly satisfying wagering experience. Players can place up to ten coins worth $0.10 each on the pay lines. That creates a maximum betting limit of $5 per spin, with the minimum being just $0.10. Although high roller would prefer higher limits, for novices and beginners, Pixiu is perfect. The low threshold is there, and the upper limit is $5, which isn’t too bad, considering how many spins can be effected in one minute, it could amount to a couple o $100 a minute. The wagering process is shrouded in a mystical Chinese theme which is atmospheric and immersive at the same time. It is a pleasure to wager on the game with such a lush backdrop. The game offers smaller, yet more frequent wins, which can be gained by matching similar symbols on the pay lines.

Mobile Pixiu Slots

Pixiu, the magical Red Dragon can be enjoyed with full mobile pleasure. The game is streamlined and optimised for superlative mobile gaming, whether using a tablet or a smartphone, either iOS or Android versions. The game can be played using the latest Flash technology, and Instant Play mode, which ensures maximum convenience and freedom for players. The mobile version is every bit as good as the PC version of the game, and the graphics and game qualities are brought to the forefront.

Pixiu Levelling System

Pixiu Slots offers an innovative gaming feature not found on other slots. The levelling up feature has the power to reward players as they play and wager the game. Players start out on the premier level, moving up a notch with every 25 spins. The penultimate level, which is the fourth tier, is opened up after 75 spins. The system works through the various bonus stages of the game. Landing three Scatter symbols on the reels activate the round. Players are faced with three choices. They can select the bonus round, the free spins round, or accept the prize on offer. For the Free Spins round, the number awarded to players will depend on the stakes that the player wager. The first level pays out ten free spins, and each additional level adds another five free spins.

Final Pick Em Bonus

Pixiu offers a final Pick Em Bonus feature. Players get to choose from eight coins that appear on the screen. Each correct pick awards a cash prize and players get to progress further, and add more chances to win a payout. Once players choose a coin that turns into stone, then the mini round ends.

Trio of Progressive Jackpots

As if the gracious bonus game features weren’t enough, Pixiu offers a total of three progressive jackpots! All of them can be won at random after every spin, yet betting maximum amounts increases the chances of winning either of them. The highest climbing jackpot is the Super Slots Jackpot, while the smallest is called the Cash Grab jackpot. The third progressive jackpot is the Mystery Jackpot, which is the most intriguing of the lot, as it automatically pays out as soon as it reaches the amount of $10,000! The other two payouts when the amounts reach higher levels. Once won and claimed, they revert to a base figure, which is nevertheless substantial. It quickly starts to replenish and increase until it is claimed again.

Summary of Pixiu Slots

Pixiu slots deliver an exceptional wagering experience and an entertaining game full of unique casino features that add many chances to win a payout. The theme is atmospheric and immersive, yet never over intrusive onto the wagering process. The mobile version adds that other dimension that allows players complete freedom to play when and where they want. The wagering is vast and varied and should be of interest to all types of players. The overall effect of the game is a pleasurable gaming experience with lots of casino action and wagering madness! Join in the exquisite wagering action and partake in the exceptional winning opportunities. Pixiu offers more than just Chinese mythology; there are tangible chances and multiple ways to win. Have a go at Pixiu, and allow yourself the luxury of a great slot game and all the excitement it has to offer.