Moby Dick Slots

Captain Ahab is on an obsessive quest around the seas of the world in search of Moby Dick. This legendary story is vividly brought to life with this slot game. Join the captain and his crew in search of the monster whale and untold treasures along the way. The game blends the adventures of Captain Ahab’s hunt for Moby Dick, with a smooth game flow over the waves. The game background seeps in excellent sea animations and references to the legendary tale of the great whale. Captain Ahab is marked by the beast and will never stop until he catches Moby Dick, or dies trying.

Catching the Whale

The only way to catch Moby Dick and claim the treasure is to use the tools of destruction in your hands. These include maps, charts, harpoons and other weapons. You will, of course, need some casino tools as well. These are explored further down.

Fishy Symbols

Moby Dick provides great sea faring symbols including, of course, the great whale, and Captain Ahab himself. The game offers Wilds and Scatters along with a host of more fundamental, yet equally impressive symbols. The fact is, they all contribute to the overall atmosphere of the game.

Gameplay: Your Weapons

The game of Moby Dick is played on 5 Reels, and there are 25 Pay Lines. The coin sizes are pretty varied, so the wagering is subsequently wide ranging, which is sure to please high rollers as well as novices. Using the practice mode will serve to familiarize yourself with the game functions, and the informative pay table explains the rules, combinations, permutations and values of all the game symbols. The bonus features are described as well.

Bonuses & Features

The Win Freezing feature is one such function that makes a difference to the game action. This feature gifts you a free spin with every bonus spin. Furthermore, during this round, the winning symbols are held in place, while the others continue to spin and create new winning combinations. At the end of the round, the highest line will pay out. You can effectively win up to 20 free spins during this bonus game by landing 4 or more Scatter symbols.

Seafaring Voyage

Captain Ahab needs able crewmen. Real men able to deal with the monster whale; Moby Dick. Can you use a harpoon? Do you have the guts to try out this quest which could lead to untold riches and treasure? Persist in your hunt, and you could catch the big one; Moby Dick himself.

Summary & Verdict

Moby Dick delivers on all fronts and with real gusto. The game features a host of great bonuses, game functions and possibilities to win. The Wild and Scatter features are the ones to watch out for as they can lead to the highest payouts. Factor in the optimum mobile platform and you have one potent slot with everything one would expect from it. The theme seems to be born for a slot game such as this, and it was only a matter of time till this idea was explored in greater detail and brought to life here with the Moby Dick slot. Discover the mystery and adventure of Captain Ahab's quest and search of Moby Dick. This premium casino slot ticks all the right boxes.