Luxury Liners Slots

Summer vacations, entertainment cruises and trips to the Caribbean - those are some of the finer things in life that one associates with luxury liners. With Luxury Liners slots, that same luxury liner just might be headed straight for you with a boatload of cash!

Simple Luxury Liners

Wager Gaming Technology former Vegas Technology has created many other traditional slots before and they don't fail to impress with this luxury-themed slots game. The Luxury Liner slots game falls under the Traditional category for its three reels and single pay line, instead of the multiple pay line, five-reel slots that you're used to seeing nowadays. Just because it's short on reels and pay lines doesn't mean that it's short on fun and excitement, though! The backdrop used to color up the Luxury Liner slots game is decorated a little less lavishly than some casino games but it still sticks to the same aesthetics. You get a very detailed background, in this case making you feel as if you were right on the deck of an actual luxury liner. This, coupled with the clean lines and plain designs of the icons, makes for some great visual contrast.

Where to Play Luxury Liners Slots

With all of this in favor of it, there's no reason not to play Luxury Liners Slots and every reason to give the game a spin. Check it out today at on of the best online casino brands: Liberty Slots Casino, Lincoln Casino.

You can choose to play Luxury Liners Slots for fun or play for money. If you opt to play for fun, you can immediately start playing without having to register first.

Line 'Em Up for Luxury

It's not just the format that's traditional in this game. Most of the symbols that will give you your payouts - the Cherry, the Single Bar, the Double Bar and the Triple Bar - can also be found on some of the earliest and oldest slot machines. How's that for vintage?

The Luxury Liner slots game uses a multiplier on its payout scale so you stand to win more if you bet more coins. Getting any combination of three Bars will multiply your bet by a factor of 5. Three Cherries or three Single Bars will multiply your bet by 10. The other Bars give slightly larger payouts with the Double Bar and the Triple Bar multiplying by 20 and 30 respectively. Oh, and don't forget about the Cherries; even if there's less than three of them, they give you a little something if they show up on the pay line.

Getting a mix of Sevens or Luxury Liners on the pay line will multiply your wager by 40 and getting all Sevens will multiply it by 80. It's the Luxury Liners, however, that give the big payouts. Getting three Luxury Liners with one coin will get you 500 in return, but getting them with three coins wagered gets you a luxurious 2500 coins!

There are no bells and whistles or newfangled promotions here; just simple slot game fun! Depend on Luxury Liner slots to get you off your seat and on that luxury liner cruise with the big payouts at stake!