Caribbean Gold Slots

Ahoy Matey! Are you ready to get on board with the pirates in their quest for gold? Then be prepared to set sail on the high seas where the stakes are low and the pay offs are high with plenty of loot to be found. Join them in their adventures looking for gold in the Caribbean. This is an exciting and colourful game which can earn you lots of treasure. It is a typical pirate game and we all know that they would do almost anything to take the loot. Help them out and they will give you a share of their looted treasure.

Caribbean Gold Slots has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The minimum bet is 1 cent and the maximum bet is $250 ($25 x 10). The maximum pay out on the base game is $150,000 while the maximum pay out on the bonus game is $37,700.

You can either play this game in the Caribbean with cocktail in hand , reclining and relaxing on a white sand beach enjoying the sunshine or else you can go and look for treasure with the pirates. The choice is yours. If you manage to get enough money off the pirates, you will probably be able to afford to whisk yourself off to a Caribbean paradise.

Caribbean Gold Slots is a game with pirate-themed symbols. There is a pirate-looking character next to the treasure chest, a skull, crossbones, a compass (which is the game’s wild symbol), a Caribbean gold logo (which happens to be the wild symbol), a canon, a parrot and many, many buttons. The wild symbol which is the compass, can substitute from all other symbols except for the Caribbean Gold logo which is the scatter. There are many wins for you to be able to take here and all of them run from left to right, apart from the scatter as that will pay anywhere.

If you hit three or more of the Caribbean Gold logo across any of the reels, you will activate the game’s free spins function. When you hit the bonus feature you will be presented with 8 treasure chest symbols and be offered the chance to pick until a matched pair is found. After you win that prize, the game will award you ten free spins as well as multiplying the value of the prize by the matched multiplier amount. This game gives you more and more reward as you go along.

The sunken treasure feature is by far the best bonus feature in this game. It is triggered at random before each spin and then this round lets you choose from 15 Caribbean Islands so that you can find the pirates own buried treasure. The value of this treasure is shown clearly and all you have to do is find it. Well then what are you waiting for? Each selection made will reveal a prize, a treasure symbol or a shipwreck. If you find 3 shipwrecks, then the round will end. If you feel that your bounty is in danger you can opt out at any time.

This is the journey of a lifetime. Apart from all the fun and adventure you will have with sailing the seven seas with the Caribbean pirates, you will get to have a look at several Caribbean Islands. Find out where the pirates have hidden their loot and you can take all that away from them. Look for the treasure chest while sporting the dreaded skull and crossbones on the flag of your ship. Use the compass and just like the wild symbol it will help you along the way and give you boosts into winning more prizes. The Caribbean symbol is the wild symbol and this too is there to help you increase the amount of your rewards. The canon is the typical type of ammunition which can be found on a pirate ship and the parrot is synonymous with the Caribbean. The vibrant, bright colours of the parrot mingles well with the colourful clothes of the locals and also, a pirate is often envisaged on a pirate’ shoulder. Therefore the pirate will come in handy on the pirate’s ship especially if he can let you know where the pirates’ loot is hidden. Make friends with the parrot and your future could be made.

Caribbean Gold is an extremely fun game to play and also a very profitable one with lots of prizes which just keep on giving and giving. In fact, it is rather difficult to play Caribbean Gold Slots and not win anything at all. This game has exciting, high paying bonus features and a progressive approach towards the game functions. Playing this game is surely worth your while because it is very likely that you will come away with something big. The time to start playing Caribbean Gold Slots is now!