A domain name can be a very worthwhile product if the name is right and when it comes to a name like the name is most definitely right and very attractive. is a web domain name that was created and bought in 2007. It was set up by the media group Mandalay and was a website where keen gamblers could pay an amount to enter different games where they could pit their skills against other players of the same level or even friends. Unfortunately the success of this well named website did not last long despite its very attractive and great potential and after only a few months of business shut down temporarily and has nearly been forgotten about until now.

Regular Search by Five Million People for the Word Tournament

On a daily basis would you believe that over five million people look for the word tournament or something phrase with the word tournament in it. If you take this into consideration and the increasing popularity of online gaming together with the changing laws in the US with regard to online gaming and gambling, a domain name with the word tournament in it is a fantastic acquisition. The owners of the website decided not to pursue using this domain name because of the large costs they would need in order to restructure the infrastructure of the website together with the enormous costs they would incur when it came to content licensing. Instead they have decided to sell this domain name and through it hope to raise funds in order to pursue other areas of online gaming.

High Costs of Leading Domain Names in Online Gaming

Recently the domain name was sold for an astounding $5.5 million dollars but with the new laws in New Jersey allowing online gambling, the owners of are hoping for an even higher price for this domain name which promises to be a winner all round. Whether bought by an existing well known gambling site or even software developers, the website domain will prove to be a winning site to own and once more will be the first choice when any player or company searches for a tournament. Remember tournaments are the cheapest and most effective way to play many online casino games whether for a small entry fee or no entry fee at all relative to the potential prize pool that they offer. If you are interested in the domain name you can register for more details at the actual domain site and a representative from Mandalay marketing, the sellers of the domain name will contact you with further details.

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