Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

Do you like Poker? Tournaments? Do you use Bitcoin? Freeroll tournaments and real cash ones? Then you are in the virtual right spot. The magic of competing in a tournament, competing with other players, striving to be the best. It's all available now. The future has caught up with the present! Especially when you consider the cryptocurrency of the moment; Bitcoin. Just imagine, being able to take part in a Poker tournament with the anonymity and value Bitcoin has attached to it. The cryptocurrency is scaling new heights by the moment, reaching dizzying heights! The atmospheric and immersive qualities of a real live poker tournament are available now, at the touch of a fingertip. Regardless of your location anywhere in the world, you can now join in the fun, compete against your peers and like-minded individuals.

The Advantages of Bitcoin for Gamers

What exactly is Bitcoin? True, many people use it, understand its advantages and make use of its benefits, but not everyone! Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has a limited amount of BTCs; the name of the units if the cryptocurrency is known. The value of one single Bitcoin BTC started off at just $1, when it was launched in January 2009. Since then it has peaked at almost $16,000, falling slightly to $15,000 only recently. But this is always changing, increasing and solidifying in value. The increase in the importance of Bitcoin has attached numerous investors, and it is now being accepted at more and more merchants, especially online, but also brick and mortar establishments. The other significant advantages Bitcoin offers is complete anonymity; therefore, players from restricted jurisdictions can avail themselves of the same offers as players from the rest of the world, eliminating this unfair situation. The third significant advantage the cryptocurrency carries is low costs of transferring or receiving it. These benefits have fuelled online casinos to start accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate currency to deposit and withdraw funds to and from an online casino. Finally, the speed of access to your resources is dramatically quickened, with virtually no waiting time, or a matter of minutes until you can withdraw your winnings from an online casino. There is no more waiting for six or seven days till you can access your hard-earned victories.


There can be little doubt of the popularity of the classic card game; Poker. Whichever variant, they are all engaging and winning a game of Poker is not solely down to sheer luck. It takes strategy, planning, skill, patience, and even the ability to bluff. These unique qualities have kept Poker head and shoulders above other card games over the years. Ask yourself why most online casinos also offer Poker in some form, along with the long lists of video slots. The reason is that Poker is still very popular, with young and older gamblers. So the magic of taking part in a real Poker tournament cannot be denied or discounted.

Poker Tournaments

The pinnacle of gambling is a tournament. You have the opportunity to prove yourself as the best and gain a degree of fame. Taking part in a Poker tournament is a life-changing experience. There are two general types of tournaments, the free ones, known as Freerolls, and the paying ones, which are the real money tournaments, much sought after by serious gamblers. Buying into a tournament creates a lavish pot which can then be claimed by the best player has tournament winner.

Freerolls Bitcoin Tournaments

Freerolls Bitcoin Tournaments allow players to participate without having to pay an entry fee. There may be minimum amounts that need to be wagered on quality; however, they are entirely free to take part in. Primarily, players can increase their bankrolls without risking their funds in the process. You will, yet, get paid in real money if you win, so it's a win-win situation either way.

Real Money Bitcoin Tournaments

The other side of the coin is a real money tournament. Yes, you will have to pay to get in, but if you believe in yourself and your abilities, this should not pose a real problem. In any event, the pots of the real money tournaments tend to be considerably higher. The significant difference is that the pool size is continually increasing, so the payout becomes more and more attractive.

The Best of Both Worlds

Of course, one can partake in both kinds of Bitcoin online poker tournaments, the free and paying ones. That way players can savour both, before digging in deeper and commuting more cash to the games at the tournament. The novice and the high roller will both be satisfied.

Bitcoin + Poker + Tournaments = The Holy Trinity

Be part of this craze, this growing industry and cryptocurrency of the moment, avail yourself of the advantages, the tournaments, and the unparalleled excitement created by the game of Poker. There is no better time than now to try out a Bitcoin tournament, and cash out those winnings in Bitcoin. Do not miss the unique benefits of the holy trinity; Poker - Tournaments - Bitcoin. The future is right here, right now! Don't live in the past.