Pirate Slots

You can't find a more enjoyable and simple slots game that this brand new 3 reel slots game to Juicy Stakes Casino . There many only be 3 reels and 1 payline but there are some fantastic opportunities and if you land three pirates in a row and you have placed the maximum bet you win a fantastic 2000 coin credits.

Sun, Sea, Sand and Pirates

Pirate slots greet you with a beautiful sunny Caribbean island background with clear blue waters and sunny views of golden beaches. But this is slightly impaired by the 3 reels that also greet you with some very relevant symbols on them that include of course the evil looking pirate, a pirate ship, a map, a cannon, the treasure chest full of jewels, gold and silver, the ever present parrot and of course a compass to find your way everywhere. All of the symbols are graphically rich with plenty of color and detail to make you feel you are part of the pirate adventure.

A Wide Range of Bets for Every Type of Player

Bets can be as low as $0.01 per coin size and as high as $5. You can choose to bet either one or two coins per spin giving you a chance to bet up to $10 per spin. With the maximum win being 2000 coins when 2 coins are placed in a bet you can win some outstanding amounts. Every time the reels spin they are accompanied by jolly music which jangles with the reels. Every win is accompanied by a small laugh which comes from the pirate. Look out for the evil red eyes of the pirate mask that light up during every spin and watch over your every move.

Manual Spinning with Manual Winning

There is no auto spin when playing Pirate slots but then again with such a simple game you don't really need auto spin. All you need is to send the reels spinning and watch for the single payline and listen for the laughter of wins. Sometimes the simplest things are the best and in the case of Pirate slots, its simplicity really makes it a more exciting and fun game to play. Log on now to your favorite casino or find it under one of the new game titles at Bodog casino and enjoy the cackle of the pirate together with the chance to win up to 2000 coins with a maximum bet.