Turkey Time Slots

Mmm, who mentioned turkey? Well, yes, we did, and we could certainly eat some now we’re thinking about it! We should mention you might get hungry at the mention of the Turkey Time game, as well as when you play it.

This is a Vegas Technology title, so that gives us a clue to how it might pan out for us. Will it be as enjoyable as some of their other games?

Format of reels and win lines

The game is based around the Thanksgiving time of year, and boasts three reels to spin. The lines are kept to the minimum, with just one in action.

Coin values

You can try this game as a penny slot if you like, but the highest coin is a lot bigger at $10. It is also possible to choose up to three coins to play on that line.

Special symbols to look for in Turkey Time

The pilgrim’s hat is a cool one to see; this is responsible for paying out the jackpot for this game if you manage to achieve a complete line-up of them. One, two, or three coins played reveal the 800, 1,600, or even 2,400 coins you will get if you reach this stage.

Better still, that pilgrim hat can be used as a regular wild symbol. Whenever it appears, it must do so with two matching symbols of any kind to double the typical prize you’d get for three of those matching symbols. That’s pretty cool.

Bonus features

You may see turkeys on the reels of this game, since it does involve them. But we’ve yet to mention them. That’s because just one of these turkeys is the trigger to unlock the bonus round in Turkey Time. That’s cool, since many three-reel games never bother with bonuses.

If you trigger the feature, you will get four turkeys presented to you. All you need to do to get a prize is to pick one. How much could you win? Choose carefully and find out!

Download and enjoy playing the Turkey Time slot game now!

This is a cool game, even though it might make you want some turkey. It is the ideal game to play for Thanksgiving, or even for the festive season if you fancy it. But it is good enough to be appealing anytime of the year.