The Shark Slots

In order to become a shark at playing cards, you need to learn how to do so in The Shark slots. This game features a set bet that allows players to win up to 45 cents on every bet. It also has a progressive jackpot that can be won with a 5-reel, 9-payline game.

The Shark slots were previously known as the Card Shark slots. It has since been changed to reflect a copyright law. Although it has a different game play, the same progressive jackpots and set bet are still available.

Exciting Wagering

The Shark slots have a fixed coin size of $0.01, and it allows players to set the number of coins they want to collect per line. It also has a variety of game play options, such as playing from 1 to 9 lines.

Fantastic Progressive Jackpot

Although the Shark slots has a progressive jackpot that can be won with just a small amount of money, it requires players to bet on the Max bet, which is for 9 lines, and 5 coins per line, to win. The winning combination is 5 Starfish.

Secret Chest Bonus

The Shark slots has a treasure chest bonus that can be activated when three or more treasure chests appear anywhere on the reels. A chest will then randomly open and reveal the amount of treasure that it has.

Hidden Bonus Round

The Shark symbols can appear anywhere on the screen to trigger the bonus round. Once activated, the game will enter the bonus feature.

The Shark can be used to play a high or low game. To play this type of game, players can select either Lower or Higher than the card that is shown on the screen. However, remember that the player will lose if the card has ties.

The Shark online slots allows players to win an amount based on their total bet. They can win an amount after making a correct prediction while playing a high or low card. The progressive jackpots in this game can be won with just a small amount of money, and they can re-start at $1,000 once they are won.