Zuma is an action packed arcade game brought to you by Popcap games and is available from Sky Vegas Casino. The overall feel of the game is exciting and fast paced with bright colourful graphics and its really easy to play as well as being completely fun. The game is set in Mexico during the Aztec period and the overall objective is to eliminate the balls that are rolling around a path in front of you. This game is totally addictive and will be loved by all types of online gamers or puzzle addicts. Join Sky Vegas casino and play Zuma online!

Game Play

The standard game play for Zuma involves launching a coloured ball from the frog idols mouth into the rolling path of balls in order to make a set of three or more and stop the rolling balls from reaching the skull. If the balls reach the skull then you will lose a life. There are a number of power-ups and coins that can be activated or collected during a level and this is achieved in the same way that stop the rolling ball from reaching the skull, by using a coloured ball to make a chain reaction explosion.

Modes of Play

Zuma is not just a one screen game, it has been designed to incorporate new and exciting modes of play which include; Adventure mode and Gauntlet mode.

Adventure Mode – At the start of the game you are awarded 3 lives which are resembled by frogs. These lives can be increased during game play be gaining 50,000 points or completing a level within a certain time frame. In order to progress through the game you need to complete a series of stages each adding a different coloured ball to the path, in 12 levels which are represented in temples. After the 12th level, players are transported to the Space Level which is the hardest and the longest with no clear path for the balls to follow and less colour groupings amongst the rolling balls. Once this level has been completed the game is over and the player has won.

Gauntlet Mode – In Gauntlet Mode players are required to return to level that they have previously completed in Adventure Mode and either try to beat their previous score or play in ‘endless’ mode in order to eliminate the increasing speeds of the balls. There are a further 5 stages in endless mode right up to Sun God stage, and once this incredibly fast paced stage has been completed the game is complete.

Where to Play

Zuma can be played through a mobile phone, or on the computer via an online casino. One of best online casinos that offer this game is Sky Vegas. With Sky Vegas you will be given a 150% welcome bonus for all initial deposits, plus you will receive excellent customer support from a trusted online casino brand.