What Blackjack Games are Featured in Blackjack Tournaments?

BoVegas Casino

There are five blackjack games featured in Blackjack tournaments at our US friendly Vegas Technology Casinos. They are: Perfect Pair Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, US Blackjack (or regular Blackjack) Weekend Classic, and Head2Head Blackjack.

What are the Differences between Perfect Pair and Vegas Strip Blackjack?

Perfect Pairs Blackjack uses the game rules that are applied to Vegas Strip Blackjack along with some other features and options. There is a Perfect Pairs side bet incorporated into this game. This means that is the first two cards you are dealt are a pair, you win the side bet. As in regular blackjack, the rules of the game are the same - to get to 21 or beat the dealer's hand. In Perfect Pairs Blackjack, there are 8 decks of cards in play.

Vegas Strip Blackjack also utilizes the same rules as regular blackjack. There are some differences, however. If the dealer has a card valued at 10 or an ace, he has to check for blackjack before the player gets his turn. The player, on the other hand, can choose to double his bet on the first two cards dealt. If he is dealt another double, he can split the hand up to 2 times, but not on aces. In Vegas Strip Blackjack, there are 6 decks of cards in play.

Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack Tournaments

If you are an avid blackjack player, you can join and enter to play Perfect Pairs Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack at our Miami Club casino Group including: Crazy Slots Casino, OnlineVegas Casino, and GoCasino. These tournaments are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 8PM. The prize pool is the Pot Percentage for the top 41 players.

Weekend Classic Blackjack and Head2 Head Blackjack Tournaments

For the blackjack enthusiast, there are two blackjack tournaments you can enter. The Weekend Classic Blackjack tournament features the regular US Blackjack you are most familiar with and runs from Fridays to Sundays. Also using regular US Blackjack Rules, however, the Head2Head Blackjack Tournament is an entirely different game. It pits you against another player while, at the same time, both of you try to beat the dealer as well. The major benefit is that the dealer never wins - but one player does. Now that's a match! The Head2 Head Blackjack Tournament runs every Monday through Thursday.

Play Weekend Classic Blackjack and Head2Head Blackjack Tournaments at US Casinos

Whether you love classic blackjack or like to play on the wild side, join and enter these two exciting tournaments at our US friendly casinos. They are: Liberty Slots Casino, Lincoln Casino.