Supermarket Slots

If doing grocery is your thing, then the Super Market will be the most recommended slot machine game for you. Compare the symbols with the usual items you purchase from the supermarket. Does the game put a premium on items you yourself consider as the most important items when going to the grocery? It's time to find out by playing Super Market online.

Supermarket Slots thrill to the Bones

Super Market comes with 5 reels and 20 paylines that can easily be activated by manually choosing each one you intend to bet on or simply Bet Max with one click of a finger. All it takes to get the game rolling is choosing the desired coin bet you are prepared to wager at that time. For as low as $0.10 coin bet up to 20 $10 bets, you can start watching the reels go until it rests on one or more winning combinations out there. And don't think you have no hand in determining the outcome of the game. You got a chance by hitting on the Stop Spin button anytime depending on where you think the reels should stop and give you more chances of hitting the payout.

Super Market Bonus Round

Care to guess what the bonus symbol looks like? If you mentioned shopping cart along the way then you got it right. Get three or more of these shopping cart symbols on an activated payline and expect the bonus round game to take over the main slot instantaneously. The main slot frame will be disabled for the player to complete the bonus round first. And the fun continues because getting 4 shopping cart symbols instead of just 3 not only activates the bonus round but it also doubles the cash prize from the round. Get all 5 and the prize turns quadruple so you'll feel like a winner of a progressive jackpot.

Once the intro to the bonus round goes past, there will be three aisles displayed where player will find himself right in the middle. Player picks one from the three aisles and the game will zoom in on the aisle chosen to show what are on the shelves. Click on three items as shown on the sign and the item will be brought to the shopping cart. You may decide to keep the item or trade items until you decide to keep it. After which, a grocery list pops up enumerating the chosen items and corresponding prizes. Go ahead and check how good you really are with groceries at Super Market.

Supermarket Slots tournaments

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