What To Look For In A Great Slot Game

If you ask most serious slot players what features they are looking for in an outstanding slot game you will get a variety of answers. Of course for most players the first answer is going to be a hot game or loose slots, something that is paying out for the players. However, you will also get players that talk about entering tournaments that feature their favorite slot such as X Marks The Spot Slot Tournaments through Liberty Slots Casino, Lincoln Casino, Sun Vegas Casino, Drake Casino and SlotoCash Casino


Playing the slots should never be boring, after all a little bit of excitement is all part of the allure of these machines either in actual casinos or online. Graphics are essential in developing a really wonderful playing experience, so look for machines that go beyond the basics. X Marks The Spot Slot Tournaments are a perfect example of playing a game that has a high visual appeal. The pirate theme is fun with women pirates, chests of gold, monkeys and parrot symbols.


The more reels on the game the more exciting the action. Of course you don't have to bet every line, you can choose which lines to bet or really add to the playing fun by betting each and every line. The more reels in the game the more likely there are options for a lot of combinations and even wild symbols that boost your winning chances. Online casinos offer a wide range of five and seven reel slots, perfect for those that want a huge amount of action.

Bonuses and Scatters

Bonus plays or bonus games are a great addition to the basic slot action. These games will automatically appear when you spin and obtain the symbols that trigger the play. Typically in most games the bonus game includes choosing from hidden prizes to earn additional cash. The bonus games are always in the theme of the slot game and are really a great addition. Scatters are symbols that need to occur in a specific number on any position on any reel. Often it is three scatter symbols which will trigger 15 or more free spins. These are a surefire way to earn a bit more and continue playing or cash out and add to your winnings. Liberty Slots Casino offers all types of games. They also offer X Marks The Spot Slot Tournaments, which are a good option for novice players or seasoned players as well.