Rushmore Casino

It is absolutely necessary to distinguish between the large number of online casinos. Not at all of them offer clean entertainment and secured gambling opportunities. One casino which is perfectly legitimate and is a great way to have fun is the Rushmore Casino. The Rushmore Casino is an online gaming program which runs on a Real Time Gaming or RTG engine.

Rushmore Casino is basically a free downloadable program. Once the download is complete the user is ready to start playing and can access a great variety of games and sweepstakes, offers and bonuses. Also Rushmore Casino is available through the flash version. The flash version requires no download and is instantly playable.

Solid Safety at Rushmore

One very important thing that works hugely in favor of the Rushmore Casino is the fact that it is one of the safest and most secure of all the online casinos. The user has to simply create an account on the program, and once the account is operational start enjoying all the available games. The account is protected and no personal information is requested from the user during any point of the gaming experience. Rushmore Casino has a very well developed and efficient customer service and relations department which is available 24/7.

The very best in games and promos

The games on offer in the Rushmore Casino are simply outstanding. Games are updated regularly. Regular casino games like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and many more are available. In addition to this wonderful range, there are a number of Slots which are available. One of the most popular types of Slots is Red Sands. This game has an Australian theme and five reels. In Red Sands you can find a number of random jackpots to be won and the game is quite unpredictable and amazingly interesting. Rushmore Casino has a number of bonuses and promotional offers for every customer. One offer which is truly wonderful is the 888 dollar cash bonus which is absolutely free and available upon registration. A 100 % bonus on your first deposit is also offered only by the Rushmore Casino. This bonus is applicable on deposits of any amount and it is a good way to start your casino trip.

US Players find your preferred games here!

Players based in United States are welcomed in the Rushmore Casino. Rushmore Casino has special banking facilities and banking options for players residing in the United States. Players who prefer to use their credit cards issued from any company are allowed to do so. Payment options are totally secure and standard encryption is used effectively to protect personal and sensitive data of each and every customer. Rushmore Casino stands strong in the online casino industry and is a great place to play and absolutely the right place to gamble safely and in a very healthy environment.