Queen Of Kings

Ah Cleopatra, a name so popular and synonymous with both sheer beauty and absolute power. Not to mention, she was also the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. The Queen of Kings ( download Queen of Kings software) is a themed slot game based in an Egyptian desert theme. With a pun of a name as the Queen of Kings, the game itself is almost brought on a pedestal to live up to such a blunt name. Living up to a great theme and even greater title is no easy task, however, this game illustrates the potential for typical 2D slot games and that a simple effect if done correctly can reshape an old game into something fresh. Built upon a 3 reel 25 pay line format, The Queen of Kings offers bets from $.01 to $5. Like a game based on a rich civilization ought to do, treasures await those who take their first spin. Each win is multiplied by a multiplier from 2x to 10x. The possibilities for winning are exponential and with great multipliers and amazing features, the pharaoh offers the treasures of the Nile at little cost.

Wilds and Scatters

Wilds are not static, but dynamic, meaning that a symbol will be chosen at random per game to be the wild. When a wild appears, it will expand to encompass the entire reel and take on a 2x multiplier. Wilds may replace all symbols besides the scatter. A wild present in a winning spin doubles the prize. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total wager.

Special Features

The Queen of Kings features an Auto play feature that will continue spinning and winning money until the balance on the account hits 0. A special icon, the Golden Scarab, enables special bonus features. Spinning three in a combination will throw the player into the free bonus spins round. Players will be gifted 10 free spins that may possess further Golden Scarab's causing more and more luscious earnings. Each spin a player contributes to a special jackpot: the progressive jackpot. Every subsequent spin a player may win the said jackpot whether it is only a few coins or thousands.

Gold in the Sands

Ancient Egypt was a land of riches, power, and knowledge that has vanished into the sands of time. However, Queens of Kings attempts to pull the player into the days of Cleopatra and of gold and other treasures. Both casual and experienced gamers will not be sorry to take a few spins on this fine-tuned slot game, their wallets won't mind the great bonuses as well.