The Asp of Cleopatra Slots

Few people love snakes, and most would rather give them a wide berth! You could say that of Cleopatra too, since she was allegedly bitten by one and thus lost her life. But whether that is what happened or not, we can see the asp and Cleopatra herself in this slot game. Which one will turn out to be more appealing to us?

Reels and win lines

You will spin five reels with each bet you place on this game. There are 25 lines to bet on, too.

What could you wager on The Asp of Cleopatra?

While you can choose from numerous coins here, the game requires you to choose your overall bet. This can be as little as 25 cents, or as much as $200.

Special symbols to watch for

If you thought Cleopatra might show up as a wild, you thought correctly. She appears in taller form if she covers two or even all three reel positions as well. There is only one icon she won’t stand in for, and that is the bonus icon.

You can also stand a chance of winning more than one prize with each win. This is because the winning icons disappear, and new ones replace them. This could result in further wins, and continues for as long as this occurs.

The Asp of Cleopatra bonus elements

The more wins you get in a row in the main game, the better the outcome. Four of them will trigger 10 free games. If you manage to get more than four wins in a row, you will win more free spins. The best outcome is to get 1,000 of them!

The asp is also a substitute in the free games feature. This means you double the odds of finding wilds with each spin, since Cleopatra is also a wild.

There is also a chance to find three bonus icons. If they appear on three separate reels, you will get the chance to play a minigame. Choose one of the available gods to take a spin on the Wheel of Gods. What will you win? Could it be some free spins? Maybe a credit prize worth as much as 100x your bet could be yours.

Will you download and try your luck with this slot game today?

The Asp of Cleopatra is beautifully designed, and we think it boasts more than enough to tempt you into some cool gameplay.