Birds of Fury Slots

Sure zany bird games have infiltrated every smart phone from New York to Beijing and probably every city in between, but now cute little bird games have found themselves flapping their way to virtual casinos! Birds of Fury is one of the most electric mix of exciting game play and cute visuals to ever grace this tight packed genre. However, behind the wild colored feathers is a truly powerful game that will draw all users into its addicting abyss of beaks and squawks! Birds of Fury comes packed with up to 25 pay lines and bet options ranging from a cautious $.01 to a high rolling wager of $5. The choice is truly in your hands. Do you trust the Birds of Fury to fly you to victory? These angry birds come packed with loads of fun and a great auto play feature leaving your pockets full without straining your mouse fingers.

Wilds and Scatters

Wild birds substitute for all symbols across the reels besides the scatter symbols When more than one wild appear in a spin, the highest win is paid. Scatters play in any direction. A scatter win is always multiplied by the total wager.

Progressive Jackpot

With each spin of the reels a progressive jackpot is built upon the winnings of the spins. Progressive Jackpots can range from low to extremely high.

Unlocking the Multiplier

A special multiplier is awarded to the luckiest players allowing monumental earnings from simple wins. Can you use these furious birds to your advantage?

The Birds of Fury multiplier multiplies wins by 2,3,4, or 5. The multiplier can be unlocked randomly at the beginning of each spin.

Other Furious Features

After a spin three birds may randomly appear. Choose one and win a prize! Three scatter symbols trigger the special Free Spin mode. Ten free spins are awarded to the player. After wins are paid another random event may occur enabling the Birds of Fury Wilds Feature. This adds up to three wild symbols to the next spin changing any bad luck streak or fortifying a good one!

The Birds are Coming

Birds of Fury brings cute and flavorful game play that online slots have rarely seen. With tons of great features and a progressive jackpot even the blandest of players need to let these colorful sack of feathers into their life. Birds of Fury will keep you up throughout the night; don't worry your wallet will be thanking you.