Invasion Slots

Stop the aliens from invading planet earth! That is the objective of Invasion slots. A stupendous casino game set in a galaxy far, far away, deep in space. The slot game serves up all the special casino features one could wish for. The wagering and theme are beautifully designed, and the game flows like a river pouring downstream. The symbols fit into that theme flawlessly. You will need all your skills and a tenacious mindset to stand any chance of defeating the alien invasion. If you do, the stakes are high and the rewards bountiful. Stopping the alien invasion ensures winning the game and gaining the top payout the game has to offer. Resistance isn’t futile, there is always a chance, and you take it! Are you ready to surrender the planet to the aliens who will enslave mankind? You need to fight back, resist, counterattack and defend the earth.

What is Alien Invasion?

With the fate of humanity in your hands, you may be humanity’s last hope! Can you save the day and defeat the aliens ensuring survival for humankind and a top payout for yourself? Invasion slots is an RTG video slot game with an incredible 243 ways to win a payout. Accept the challenge and have some fun unlocking the bonuses. The game has excellent graphics with cinematic qualities and services with a virtual and epic sci-fi theme which will go down well with players. With intuitive game controls, Invasion slots is a smooth and fun game with a rather high payout percentage of over 97%. The game has medium volatility giving all players a more than decent chance of winning a huge payout every time the reels spin their way to victory. Keep an eye out for the evil alien ships, they are dangerous and your main threat.

Waging Battle with Progressive Jackpot & Massive Payouts

There are other weapons at your disposal. You can use the powerful laser-protective shields. Then there and powerful guns to fire at the aliens and the 15 UFOs that will magically appear upon the screen. These UFOs will reveal various cash prizes that they are designed to boost your bankroll further. The game serves up a high paying progressive jackpot. As the game is played each player contributes a tiny amount to the regular pot. It quickly inflates till it reaches astronomical proportions. Once it is won by a lucky player, it automatically resets to a base amount. The process goes on and on! Betting maximum coins on all the active pay lines ensures you qualify for the jackpot. It has never been as dangerously exciting and potentially lucrative as this before. The Progressive Jackpot can be won randomly, and all players are eligible to participate and have a crack at winning the Jackpot with every spin. Progressive Jackpot winnings are added to your victories per turn.

Alien Symbols

Invasion slots is fully loaded with unique space-age icons that appear on the spinning wheels of fortune. There are special symbols, standard ones and also high card values to keep the game grounded. You get various alien spaceships, different species of aliens, the Invasion slot game Logo, a Resistance symbol and a Robot. Besides the above, the card symbols include the numbers nine and ten, the jack, the queen, the king and the ace card icons. They combine beautifully with the overall theme and blend into the atmosphere seamlessly.

Alien Invasion Bonus: The Scatter

To defeat the aliens, you will need a weapon of mass destruction. The Scatter will do and is a practical choice. Landing three of them upon the reels ensures access to the bonus game. Once you manage to activate the Invasion bonus round proper. Three or lite Scatters triggers the bonus round where you get great chances to increase your bankroll. Once that occurs, you will see 15 alien spaceships appearing on the screen. You basically get to choose and collect prizes found hidden in each spacecraft. The rewards you win are directly added to your account. Once you land an alien spaceship with collect emblazoned on it, the round is over, and you can collect the prizes you managed to accumulate thus far. If you are lucky enough to choose the spaceship with Win All written on it, then you are really in luck as you will be awarded all the prizes on offer added on to your regular prizes which you may already have picked. You can then move on to the second wave of attacking spaceships.

Special Feature 2: Wild

The other exceptional, unique feature built into the game is the substitute symbol, the Wild. Once it lands upon the reels, it will replace other regular symbols apart from the Scatter icon. In doing so, it will create winning line combinations leasing to increased and boosted payouts. When a Wild is involved in any winning line, it effectively multiplies the payout value. It can only end up on reels 2, 3 and 4. The Wild is represented by the Resistance logo, so watch out for it when it magically appears on your screen.

Wagering, Control Buttons & Payouts

Invasion slots serves up a satisfying array of betting options. They rely on the coin sizes to provide the variety. The coin sizes start out from $0.25. The rest of the coins have the following values, $0.50, $0.75, $1.00, $1.25, $2.50, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, $100.00, with $125.00 being the maximum bet permissible. There are an astounding 243 ways to win Invasion and defeat the aliens. Players and permitted to place one coin on the pay lines. With a high maximum bet of $125, Invasion isn’t for the faint-hearted! Setting the bets is as easy as A, B, C. The designated control buttons conveniently located on the screen for quick access. The buttons include the Bet button, which allows you to increase or decrease the bet amounts. The Spin button will set the reels in motion abs gets the game started. The Info button brings up all the relevant bonus info including the rules. The Next button will show you all the payout values. The most impressive feature is the Autoplay function it activates continuous spins which can be stopped at any time by the player. Alternatively, any winning payout registered stops the automatic spins. Playing Invasion is as straightforward and simple as it gets. There is no need to hassle about placing bets on the pay lines, all you need to do is select a wager amount of between 25 cents and $125, and hit the Spin button. To win, you will need to line up identical symbols from the left to the right of the screen to start winning. Invasion slots can be quite unpredictable since it is a medium volatility game. This provided minor, yet more frequent payouts. You get an equal chance of winning big or small.

Conclusion & Objectives

The game is a beautiful concoction of hostile alien androids and classic card symbols ornately decorated. The flying saucers can gift you with the top game payout of 1000 times your wager. Aiming for the Mothership is the best way to defeat them. The particular game icons will spice up the action even more. They can boost your chances of winning a hefty cash prize payout. The Invasion logos are the other symbols to watch out for. Since they are Scatters, they could be worth as much as 1,250 times your bet. You should target as many of the alien spaceships as you can as this ensures you get more chances to reveal bonus cash prizes. Overall, Invasion slots has a rather unique look and offers a positive first impression. Science-fiction slot games such as this one ranges from epic to low-key. The mobile version of the game isn’t bad either! It delivers an exceptional mobile experience and is fully compatible with the most popular mobile device and their respective operating systems. The game can easily be downloaded to your mobile device or PC. Besides, you can choose to access the game using Instant Play mode, with no waiting required. Discover this exceptional dystopian, sci-fi slot game and be impressed! With up to 50 free spins waiting to be won, Invasion slots offers more than a little action! It is an alien invasion after all!