Sands of Space Slots

This is probably the only innovative thing we have ever seen all the Egyptian genre in all of our time playing slot games! Set in space, this game turns the entire thing on its head, and actually manages to make it feel fine, new, and refreshing. With an art style that shows they care, and a clear production budget that doesn’t make it feel cheap, this is definitely a game unlike any other you have played!

But How Does it Play?

This game takes place across five reels in total, featuring 20 lines to bet on. It’s fairly standard in that way, but you can match things in more than one direction, making it more fun than you would think at first glance. This is because it is brought to you by Saucify, which has little bits and pieces there to keep things fun for jaded veterans. The most you can have for one bet at once is $25, and you can get going for as little as one penny.

The bonus round here is called the Sands of Space feature game. In it, you’ll be tasked with figuring out which things to match across a wide variety of reels all at once. It’s very fun and dynamic, and that something we’ve seen elsewhere. We hope other slots copy it, because it’s quite fun!

How Many Jackpots?

The headlining feature here is being able to win up to 20 times any bet that you make instantly if you get three or more of the simple scattered across. This makes up for the fact that there’s not much in the way of jackpots going on here, instead of offering you different jackpots for the casino itself, or simply being able to win more often you’re playing.

Most of the things you can match here are all very Egyptian in nature. They pretty much took every standard Egyptian theme you have ever seen, and put a little bit of a futuristic twist on it. You can match scarabs, Anubis, and other things, all looking like they have a little bit of Star Wars in them. If you have ever seen the Avengers and the Wakanda aesthetic, you will definitely know the look and vibe that they are going for here. It is a mix of the old and the new, and we think it looks lovely! There are also the usual suits of cards, but they’re all futuristic and hieroglyphics like, making them fine in our book.

Unlike other games, you don’t just match things from left to right. You can match them all over in a very large number of directions. This goes perfectly well with the futuristic theme, and keeps you occupied with wondering just how many matches you were going to get! We can’t usually tell before they happen, making it a surprise every time they are shown on screen.

Egypt in the Future is Great

Without a doubt, this is the king of all Egyptian games. Set many thousands if not tens of thousands of years in the future, this is the only Egyptian game that you were going to come across that manage to do something fun and different with the genre. Although it what it lacks in jackpots, it is more than made up for by innovative bonus games and being able to match in multiple directions. Whether you want to bet a little, or bet a lot, this game has a lot to offer, and we think that many genres would do well to copy their scheme of setting old style games in space!