Arrogant Pirates Slots

Climb aboard the boat of destiny and set sail for endless riches with Arrogant Pirates slots, and you can party and plunder to your heart’s content with the rock stars of the ocean. Bovada Gaming has come up with a sure-fire winner with this 5-reel, 15 pay lines slot with a heavily pirate influenced theme. There are multiple Free Spins, Wild Symbols, Multipliers and even a Fortune Chest bonus round! Ride the high waves for Crabs, Pirate Ships, Anchors, and treasure bountiful jackpots. You will sail aboard the pirate ship and plunder, invade and kill all who stand on your way. Arrogant Pirates is perfect for you if you are a fan of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The highest bet of the game is a pretty hefty $150 a spin, and you can wager as little as 15 cents per turn. The mobile game offers another option and works well on most modern mobile devices.

Symbols & Payout Potential

The game symbols are real beauties. There is a colourful collection of high-value playing cards and pirate characters. The full list of symbols includes the Ace, an Anchor, a Bomb, a Crab, the Jack, the Jolly Roger Flag, Jolly Roger himself, the King, a Treasure Map and a Compass. There is also a Pirate Ship, the Queen, the Ten, and a Treasure Chest full of riches. The symbols pay both ways, so three or more identical symbols wins a payout prize. The symbols pay differently with the lowest ones, the 10, Jack, and Queen paying up to 30x your bet. The King and Ace pay 60x you triggering wager. The crab, anchor, and pirate's flag pay you from 12x to 80x for getting three symbols. The pirate ship and treasure map pay you from 15x to 90x the bet and the map will pay 15x to 100x the stake. The fantastic wild multipliers can really boost your prize payouts up to 10x the bet! The multipliers are located upon the bombs. Each multiplier has its value printed on it. The options include 2x, 5x, and 10x your bet.

Special Symbols & Features

Three or more Scatter symbols landing on your reels will earn you a gift of 3x your total bet with 10 free spins! The more are Wild Symbol Multipliers which multiply your winning pay line, and there is the exciting Fortune Chest Pick Bonus Game. By landing three or more bonus icons, you will initiate the bonus round. The Scatter is represented by the skull and crossbones emblem. Getting 3 of them delivers a great bonus of 10 additional free spins. You can also win a cash payout that will be equal to 3 times your initiating wager.

Game Controls & Wagering Options

The game set up has 5-reel and 15 pay lines. There are several coins you can choose with different values. All the coin values are as follows, $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.30, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, and the highest coin value is $10. This brings up the maximum betting limit to a high $150 per spin. In addition to selecting your bet amount, you can also choose the game layout of your preference. You can place the spin button on the left or right of your screen and turn the sound on and off as you desire. There is a useful autoplay feature if you want the game to take over the spinning duties for you, and to turn on autoplay, simply hold down the spin button. The auto function will take over until you manually stop the feature.

Fortune Chest Bonus Game

One of the main reasons players love Arrogant Pirates is the exciting Fortune Chest bonus game which can award stunning prizes. If you land three treasure chest symbols on the screen, a new screen will open up. You then pick a treasure chest to find how much cash is hidden inside. If you do get the highest value chest, you are likely to win over 100 gold coins.

Mobile & Verdict

Arrogant Pirates slots is an excellent game with a wonderful wagering system that incorporates multiple betting options. You can play the game on your tab or mobile phone as Arrogant Pirates has been modified for mobile gaming. It is fully compatible with the most common operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows and loads up swiftly. You can download the game quickly to your mobile devices and PC, or you might prefer to use Flash-based Instant Play mode, with no waiting or downloading needed. The game has an entertaining theme, and it matches the betting action beautifully. Arrogant Pirates slots is worth trying out and is a great casino game serving up many chances to win. The special features make the game even better, and the symbols and theme are the icing on the cake. Try out Arrogant Pirates and sail the seven seas of destiny!