3X Wild Cherry Slots

3x Wild Cherry displays the cherry in triplets bouncing around with lively excitement. Every single spin takes you one step closer to winning a possible progressive jackpot payout. The background of the game shows the cherries on an island beach, while the daytime is spent having fun and relaxing while enjoying the sun and ocean. The cherries principal primary objective is to return home wealthier than you were before. The 3X Wild Cherry Slot game has a rather traditional, but advanced classic slot machine which is available to players from anywhere in the world. The classic slot machine action is fully designed to maximise fun and keep things very simple and easy for you to understand. The slot features minimal pay lines and the symbols, as with most other classic slots, besides, the game offers unique gameplay features. The slot provides a stripped-down version of a traditional slot machine with exceptional winning chances.

3X Wild Cherry Design, Layout and Theme

You cannot help being impressed with the layout of this game, and it has almost everything you would need to have a great time. Furthermore, it reminds players of traditional classic slot machines of a bygone epoch. 3x Wild Cherry video slot machine will transport you back in time when classic one arm bandits slot machines ruled the gambling world. Players today are tempted by the immense choice of possibilities to win an astonishing and fabulous payout prize. You can fully enjoy the best slots from the comfort of home is a huge bonus reward. The game also offers increased payout prizes, a far wider variety of bonus games and several other benefits even the cherries will enjoy! Bringing a retro slot machine into the modern age is no mean feat! WGS has crafted 3x Wild Cherries slot machine to resemble a traditional, brass one-arm bandit. The vast selection of bonuses and rewards and huge payout prizes links the game with these modern times. The paytable is part and parcel of the screen, which ensures players get the same charming experience that was enjoyed many years ago.

Classic Symbols

Classic gameplay symbols include single blue bars, red doubles, gold triple bars, cash piles, a gold bell as well as bright red win multiplier symbols. You will encounter a happy-go-lucky cherry in a very jovial, cheerful festive mood. The game will satisfy any player who craves rewards, while simultaneously allowing you to fully benefit from and enjoy the many bonus features and winnings. Above the reels, there are three individual payout levels for each of the symbols. They include a bright blue box, a yellow box, and a purple one. They change according to the wager you stake per line.

Set your stakes!

The bets are adjusted from below the reels by using the bet one button or maximum bet button. The bet one button will increase your stake by one coin at a time. The maximum bet button makes it jump up to three coins per pay line, which is the highest winning payout prize possible. Besides choosing the number of coins a spin, players can adjust the value of every currency. The costs are used to convert coin winnings into cash payouts. A higher bet produces higher payouts. The values range from only $0.01, rising to $10.00 per coin/bet. That creates a maximum chance of $30.00 a spin. All in all, this came off his batting options for all kinds of players from you, some offices up high rollers. Just makes it extremely accessible to all sorts of players. You can use the on-screen getting buttons to set your stakes and customise play. Furthermore, there is a unique autoplay feature that allows you to fix hundreds of automatic spins, so you won’t even have to move your finger to spin the reels. The control buttons are intuitive and clearly labelled so you cannot get confused using them.

Special Features

Although 3x Wild Cherry Slot is a classic slot game, the developer has ensured that the very best winnings possible can be triggered with the wild win multipliers and their progressive jackpots above the reels. The 3x multiplier represents the wild game image, and it may appear on all the reels for extra winnings. The symbol can pay out winnings up to 500 lovely coins when one coin per line is wagered. One thousand medals are won with two coins for each spin bet, and 1,500 coins when you use the maximum betting limit. What's more, the 3x game symbol can replace any other icons apart from the jackpot symbol. It could multiply combinations with 3x win multiplier when a wild symbol is involved in a win line combination, and by 9x when two symbols get to be included. The jackpot images appear with the wild cherry along with the word jackpot written in large orange and yellow letters. They provide exceptional jackpot wins irrespective of the value of your bet. When all three of the betting coins are wagered, you stand a far better chance of landing a winning combination.

Betting System and Payouts

Players who try playing 3X Wild Cherry slots have a decent range of bet options. They start just $0.25 per coin, with one to three coins on the reels. Or else players can stake as much as $10 for each currency, and as many as three coins used, for a far superior payout. You are always free to pick whatever amount they like, however, they are highly recommended to bet $0.25 a spin, as that is the qualifying bet amount to unlock the jackpot prize of this slot game.

Wild Cherries and Bonus Features

3X Wild Cherry slot machine has several wild symbols that are very powerful and serve as winning multipliers for other game symbols. Getting a Wild along with two regular standard paying gameplay symbols, and you can effectively triple your payout prize on the other game symbols. Getting at least two of Wilds along with another game icon will multiply your payout prize by up to nine times your triggering wager, which is exceptional. Besides the regular payouts, the wild can also activate a high payout jackpot payouts. The fixed jackpot is 500 betting coins, multiplied by the number of your coins that you are wagering. It can only get triggered as long as you are wagering $0.25 or more. That is why it is so crucially important to bet that amount. If players find themselves so lucky as to get three all three wild symbols, then you can walk away with a fortune of 500, 1,000, or 1,500 valuable coins after such a huge win.

RTP and Mobile Cherry

3X Wild Cherry is an exciting game With an above average payout percentage of around 96%, which is in line with most slots. The slot offers a high volatility gaming experience which you can enjoy on your mobile phone or tablet or laptop. The mobile software is fully optimised to work with most modern-day tablets and smartphones; furthermore, it is fully compatible with most brands on the market today, including iOS and Android mobile devices and their respective operating systems. You can enjoy playing the slot on many different mobile devices and also your desktop computer. You can download the software to your mobile device, or choose to play using the latest technology which is instant play mode, based on flash technology, which is the best available at present. It is quick and convenient and you won’t have to wait more than a couple of minutes before playing. You can have loads of fun playing 3X Wild Cherry and possibly getting a few wins in the meantime. We will hardly find a better slot machine than this one, So prepare yourself for severe gaming and exceptional winnings.

Round-Up and Rating

It is easy to spend a few hours playing and enjoying 3x Wild Cherry slot machine. Developed by WGS, this slot is available for desktop and all mobile devices. The progressive jackpot ensures a far broader player interest, and the 3-reel slot features the one payline, providing fun play. With payout prizes that are increased significantly with the appearance and presence of the bright red cherry image and the winning combinations with the gameplay symbols, it caters to thousands of online players who are genuine fans of classic and traditional slot games. The game comes highly recommended and fully deserves a top rating of ten out of ten! The slot has everything players love and delivers with aplomb!