Vikings' Victory Slots

Vikings have had their depictions in popular culture over the years. One depiction is the popular Sunday newspaper comic Hagar the horrible. This comic strip offers a light hearted take on a viking, his family, and various mishaps that occur on his raids. Another depiction is the History Channel series Vikings. This show portrays Ragnar Lothbrok and his family as he goes on raids and becomes a king in his own right. The show is gritty and bloody however it is the History Channel so it doesn't wade into HBO type territory.

The Vikings were one of the most feared groups in history, and for good reason. These Nordic seafarers were known for raiding and pillaging villages, meaning they would go into a village to kill people and make off with valuables like gold for example. There is a slot machine game that caters to this period from history. It is entitled Viking's Victory. This slot machine takes you on an epic voyage with these brutes, so be ready to siphon off some of their looted goods.

The game's impressive graphics take you to the sea side, where a longship sits beyond the reels. Mountains and trees make up the background, and smoke can be seen billowing from beyond the screen. The game has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. This offers a variety of ways for you, the online casino gambler, to potentially win.

Once you begin spinning the reels, the Vikings come to life. Watch them swing their harrowing weapons and shoot their arrows, just be sure to stay out of their way. The highest-paying Viking is the wild; he's holding the morning star, which is a weapon with a spiky ball fastened to the end of a shaft. Five of them pay 5,000X the number of coins you bet per line. After any win, you can summon your Viking courage and try to double your payout. Click "Gamble" for a double or nothing round of cards. Five medieval-looking cards are shown face-down, with the card at the far left reserved for the dealer. After clicking "Double," the dealer's card is revealed. You have to pick one from the remaining four, in hopes of picking one that's higher than the dealer's. At the end of the round, all the cards will be revealed. Another bonus included in the game is the Pick 3 round, which is triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols. If you trigger it, the reels are swapped out for a dock full of wooden boxes, crates and barrels. Each one is filled with Viking bounty, and vary in value. Click three and pocket the number of coins revealed. When you exit the dock, you get to enjoy seven free spins with a 3X multiplier.

A true gambling Valhalla!

The makers of the game deserve credit for an original theme. There are a variety of games out there about ancient Egypt or ancient Rome to name two popular themes. This game blazes new terrain into the world of vikings. It is a well made game that will appeal to new and veteran online casino gamblers. Journey to Gambling Valhalla with this slot!